Saturday, July 6, 2013

Earls Birthday Bash 2013

Willy and I decided back in February or so that we wanted to try and combine the boys' birthday parties.  We normally go all out for awesome parties and they are always a ton of fun.  But they are also a lot of work.  And we have three kiddos now.  We thought we'd bbq at the park down the street and rent out the pool there for our party.  The pool would be ours and our guests after closing hours for nearly two hours.
We would then celebrate the boys' actual birthday with them as a small family affair with our gift(s) to them, a special dinner, and a cake.  Then they could invite two friends over that weekend for a sleepover.
We ran it past the boys and they loved the idea!  We quickly spread the word, and set a date.  We know summers are busy for vacations, and we wanted to make sure everyone would be able to make it.  The boys were pumped, and it seemed as though our friends all were also.  The party took very little planning, and the cost was less than three separate parties.  (Simon will still have an individual First Birthday Party).
So, here are some pictures from the birthday bash.
 Willy sporting his new apron from the boys.
 The little girl in the yellow dress is Ethan's favorite girl, Catie.  They were even holding hands on the way to the pool.
 Morgan, Michael, Catie, and Ethan
 Gary actually getting a smile out of Simon.  Normally he cries.
 Banning having a blast!
 Simon's first at bat at the piñata.
 Colton is always so serious when swinging.
 Going for the goodies!
 Kristan with Raegan, Marshall, Thomas, and James
 Simon enjoying the pool with Grandpa Mike

 Willy going for a big splash!
 Morgan loved these geysers!
 Riley and Colton
 Sydney enjoying the pool with her daddy.

 The boy has a million dollar smile!

 I'm guessing here, but I think this is Eli, James, and Thomas.

This was definitely the best party yet!  I am so glad we did it this way.  This will definitely be an every year thing for our family.    We are so grateful for all the family and friends that came out to celebrate with us.  You all mean so very much to us, and we love all so very much!  Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Which we could have been there. A great idea! Also a really nice pool.


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