Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Missed Milestone

Today Lucas and Caleb would have started Pre-school.  The house right now would be a blur, trying to get the big boys to school, and the little ones ready for their first day.  We'd be making their favorite breakfast, and we'd be taking a crazy amount of pictures.  I know who they would have for teachers, and where their classroom would be.  I am ever so grateful that I don't have to walk down that hallway this year.  It would be tough. 

Oh, how I sometimes wonder what they would look like, their personalities, and the dynamics they would add to our family.  I miss them so much on days like today.

Today is also August 19th, Day of Hope.  Carly Marie is amazing and so very talented.  Thank you, Carly for another day in honor of our babies gone too soon.

Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day of School

Summer has come to an end, and we're settling into routine nicely.  Waking up at 6:00 or 6:30 is going to be a tough one for awhile, but we'll get it.  And we are 3 for 3 on arriving at school on time.

 Here are the three boys on their last summer morning hanging out. Only Ethan is dressed.
I woke up super early to make them their requested first day of school breakfast, cowboy coffee cake.  Boy, it was early, as in the sun wasn't up yet.  But I was able to spend the time alone praying for the boys and coming to terms with my emotions.  Cause let's be honest, this momma's heart was not ready to let Ethan go.  In some ways, he is still my baby boy.  His "space" amongst the siblings has been complicated.  He was the baby, then we were preparing him for being a big brother, and then he was the baby again, with the extra attention that came with my very shattered heart.  Then along comes Simon, who is the baby of the family now, but Ethan still has a piece of that also.  Complicated, I know.  More about all that another day.
Anyway, Ethan woke up by himself.  He came down ready to go.

 Ethan with his backpack on and pajamas. 
We ate breakfast together, kind of rushing, finished getting ready, and were out the door by 7:20.  We thought we'd all walk together on the first day.  A time to spend together, and prepare for the day ahead.  But first I wanted to take their first day of school pictures.

 I am confident that his sign will still say Train Engineer his senior year.

Things were a little confusing this year.  With the additions to the school and such, even veteran parents were trying to figure things out.  We took Colton to class first. I barely got a hug from him.
 My big boy second grader....what has happened to the time??
Then we headed around the corner to Ethan's class, who weren't in the classroom yet. 
 This momma had to ask a couple of times for this picture.
 Trying to wait patiently. 
Ethan was sooo ready for this!  He even asked if he could walk in the school by himself.  He was pumped and ready to go.  We walked into the classroom, he gave his gift to Mrs. Toomey, then went to find his seat.  The. World. Stopped.   He did not, in any way, want to sit next to a girl.  It wasn't Catie.  There was no way he was sitting there.  He chose a seat right next to his chair at the computer. And he started to tear up.  He wanted to come home with me.  And snuggle.  I had to find Daddy for reinforcements on this one.  My heart pulled so much.
 Daddy reassuring Ethan that it'll all work out.
After a few minutes, Mrs. Bailey came over to sit with him.  We left and watched from the hall for a few minutes.  The soft sobs turned into a pout.  And I left, heavy hearted.  I worried all day about that boy.  Every time my phone rang, I just knew it was a teacher.  But no one called.
I was so excited to head back to pick up the boys.  I watched with all the other parents for them to walk out the door. I was excited and anxious to hear about their first day.
And this is how my Ethan greeted me.
 There are absolutely no words to describe the emotions I feel every time I see this picture.
Their day was great!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

End of Summer

This has been a really fun summer.  We've spent very few days just hanging at home.  We've taken some day and weekend trips here and there, and have spent lots of time with friends.  Today is the very last day of summer vacation for the big boys, and it makes me sad.  I have enjoyed them so much this summer.  There have been times when I have been ready for school to start, but I think it's more I am ready for some routine. 
We had meet the teacher night last night.  I am grateful I have been involved with PTA in the past years, as I know the teachers all pretty well and all the boys seem to be comfortable in the school.  They've added on over the past two years and it is now a K-8 school.  Ethan has Mrs. Toomey, who is who Colton had.  She is so excited to have him in her class, and he is excited to be there!  It makes it easier on momma, also.  I'm having a hard time with him going to Kindergarten, I'm going to miss him so much.  And Colton has Mrs. Terry.  I don't know her as well yet, but she is very kind and really seems like a lot of fun.  I know her and Colton will get along great.  He is my people pleaser.  But it just doesn't seem like he's already a second grader.  I still remember him being so very little.  Time really does speed along.
I thought I would share some pictures from the summer today.  We didn't take tons, but more enjoyed the moments this year.  And there were many of them.  Having three running around my house sure livens things up!!
So here are a TON of picture, hang in there and enjoy.
 The boys gated off their toys from Simon.  This worked for one day.  The playroom is now Simon proof and the big boys have their toys with small pieces in their bedroom.
 Ethan told his daddy he wasn't tired.  I took this 10 minutes later. 
 We took the boys to 1984.  They had a blast, and so did mommy.
 Pretty sure Ethan played this game for half an hour.
 Look how big Simon is!!!
 In a smaller version, this looked like Colton.  I truly LOVE this picture!
(It is the first time I've ever seen much of a resemblance between E and C)
 Colton really believes he is 12 or so.  And loves to climb on top of every piece of playground equipment.
 Simon finding his way to the slide.
 Heart attack for grandma!  This has to be another of my favorites!  You can see Willy's shirt in the lower left corner.
 Our niece, Emily, came to spend the week with us.  We had a blast all week, and my house was even more full of life!  I enjoyed having a girl in the house. 
 Bounce house fun.
 Emily's first trip to a bounce place.  She thought it was the greatest thing in the world!
 Her and Snicker's were the best of friends.
 Simon has discovered toilet paper.  A couple of times now.  This was taken the first time.  Kid looks guilty.
Simon is loving every toy that rolls or has wheels now.  He spins in circles as he makes it go around him.

 My Three Amazing Boys!!!!!

 We take a family picture every year at the Fourth of July parade.
 Colton and Ethan hanging with the big boys.  Wow,  how they have grown!
 Colton climbing a pole. 
 Some of the crowd for the celebration.  We had so much fun.  And many of the scenes reminded me of the scene from The Sandlot.
 Love this grin!
 He crawled outside and thought he was pretty cool!
 His first time in the sand.  Wasn't too sure about it.
 These two are forever best friends.
Playing in the creek at the park.
 Water balloon fight with Daddy.

We have taken several trips to Silver Dollar City and a couple to White Water.  We don't even bring the camera half the time.  We've been to the park a ton, though the past couple of weeks, it has rained too much to go.  The boys have spent lots of time outside riding their bikes and swimming in the pool. 
I am sad to see summer go, and know I am going to miss the big boys so very much.  But the quiet will be nice at times, also.  It's just hard to believe that I will have two in school all day this year.  And it makes me so grateful for Simon.  He keeps me busy now that he is almost walking and exploring everything.

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