Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary Dear Husband

Seven year ago today I married my best friend.  We have been through so much together, and every year we are closer and closer to each other.  I am so grateful that I have him to walk through life with.  I love the adventure we take on every day raising our boys, and truly couldn't imagine being with anybody else through it all.
I love you, Willy!  Thanks for being who you are and for loving me and our children so very much!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Birth Story for Simon's Birthday

Simon turns ONE today.  It's been a day of emotions for me, and fun so far for him.  I can't believe how big he is, and how much he is learning every day.  He can do so much now, and I know the next several months is going to be so full of learning and growing.  It's going to be fun!! 

Oh and he's walking now!  Love, love, love it!

I thought since I never really posted his birth story here, that I would go ahead and do so today.  It's really a great story and I love it all so much.  I'll spare every little detail, because with pictures it would last forever.  But here's the highlights with some picture of the day he was born.

I woke up at 2:30 on Wednesday morning as I had pretty much every morning for the past month.  Usually I would go downstairs, watch a little tv and fall back asleep on the couch.  Knowing, however, that Simon would be here today, I couldn't fall back asleep.  At about 4:30 I gave up and took a shower.  At 5:15am I woke up Willy and the boys and we got ready to head for the hospital for our schedule C-section.

Taken in front of Labor and Delivery
Once we were admitted, the nurse introduced the nursing student that would be with us also. She seemed surprised when I told her that if I was contracting regularly and there was a change in my cervix from Friday, that Dr L would break my water and we would try for a VBAC.  But she was game. 

At 8:00 or so, Dr L came in and said I was dilated to a 2, and that we could try for the VBAC.  She said that they'd admit me to Labor and Delivery and she would be back down to break my water.  I was ecstatic!!!  I really was hoping for a VBAC.  But my prayers for most the pregnancy had been that if a c-section was safer, that we would know for sure, without a doubt.  So we packed up my stuff and headed to the other section of Labor and Delivery.

Happy face for no c-section
Dr L came in about 10:00 to break my water.  I was feeling no contractions, although they were about 3 minutes apart or so.  She told me before leaving it usually take an hour for labor to really begin.  It was 15 minutes later when the first strong and true contraction hit.  And like my other labors, they were all in my back.  By 11:30 I was on the labor ball with Willy applying counter pressure in the small of my back.  I was 4 cm dilated and the nurse put me on the epidural list.  About 12:30, the anesthesiologist came in with some students and I was soon much more comfortable.

Texting with Rhonda.  She was in labor in CO also.
The boys visited about every hour or so.
At this point it was all about getting some rest while I could.  They checked me every hour or so to make sure I was progressing some.  Since I couldn't have Pitocin with the VBAC, they had to keep a close eye on him.  From 12:30-3:30 I had gone from a 4-5.  I was still laboring well, and contraction were still regular, I just wasn't progressing.  Dr L came down to check on me before a C-section.  She told me that if things didn't progress more in the next hour that we would try some other methods to see if thing would pick up.  I continued to pray for his safe arrival.  C-section or VBAC I didn't care, I just wanted him here safely.

Ethan watching the monitors.

At 4:15 they checked me again and I was dilated to a 7!  I was so excited for some progress.
At 4:45 I was checked again and was 8cm dilated!  Not 5 minutes late I began to feel the pain above my hip that always indicates that I am ready to push.  The nurse only checked me again because Simon's labor was my third labor.
And this was taken at 4:53

Dr L and I.  After 5 babies, she was finally able to deliver one.  She has ALWAYS been out of town when the other boys were delivered.

Everything moved pretty fast once they noticed Simon was coming.  It was a blur of movement to hurry up and set up before he was here.  I remember the nurse telling me not to laugh, because his head was right there.  They brought the mirror in and oh my, he truly was.  Dr L came in, put her gloves on.  I pushed once and out he came.  I remember knowing that I would breathe once I heard him cry.  I didn't have a chance to listen because he came out and his cord was wrapped around his neck.  Dr L told Willy she had to cut the cord, as she was doing it and I was just holding onto the fact that he's here.  He finally cried for us and I took the easiest breath I had since I found out I was pregnant with him.

And at 5:07 Simon Parker William was born.


One of my all time favorites!


I want to say that I was afraid that fear for Simon would fill the day.  I was afraid that grief would overshadow the joy.  But I was able to tuck away the fear and grief and embrace every single moment.  Lucas and Caleb were there with us, but I didn't feel emotional tugs, or experience flashbacks as I thought I would.  I am grateful for that.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Simon's First Birthday Party

 Simon's first birthday party was Saturday.  We decided on a smurf theme months ago, and it came together really well.  But, it was hard getting motivated to start the planning.  I'm really having a tough time with him turning 1.  It just doesn't seem like he that old already, and I am a little sad.  Okay, maybe more than a little.  I am sure grief has played its own role in it all also.

Anyway, we had a really wonderful time with everyone who came.  I am so grateful for the friends and family who have surrounded Simon with love. 

Here are some pictures.  It was hard to choose from the over 250 that were taken from 3 different cameras.

 The snack table. 

 The veggie tray.  I love this one! The mushrooms are radishes.
 Simon's smash cake.  Dru rocked it!!

 And his cake.  Love it too!

 I have to share the wonderful artwork my husband did.  And I am really enjoying our chalkboard wall.
 Simon taking his first swing at the piƱata that Willy built. Yes, I have a crafty husband.
 Simon trying to get into his new Cozy Coupe from Grandpa Tim.
One of so many picture of Simon and his tongue sticking out.
I love the look on his face here.  He actually snuggled with the outfit when I was taking the tags off.
Ripping open a present....again with his tongue out.

Clapping at himself for a job well done.

Riding the train Grandma Dru and Grandpa Mike bought him.
A family picture before cake smashing.

I was really surprised how little of a mess he made. But he is pretty serious about food and probably just didn't want to waste any of it.

And this is the idea that really started the smurf theme for his birthday.  Great shot, grandma!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A week and a half ago a puppy followed us home from dropping the boys off at school. She was skinny and scared.  And she followed us the five blocks home.  I fell in love with her right off the bat.
We took her to the vet to see if she was chipped.  Knowing she was a Great Dane puppy, I figured someone would be missing her and hoped that they would have chipped her. But there was no chip.  She checked out fine, other than hungry, and I brought home a 73lb 7month old puppy.  We began calling her Lucy and introduced her to her temporary family. 
We checked every avenue we could think of to see if we could find her family.  Lucy is house trained and kennel trained.  She doesn't jump or chew on things.  And her personality is sparkling.  She's amazing with the boys.  And if it were three years or so from now, she would be ours.  It was a tough decision to make, and if we couldn't find the right home for her, we would've kept her.
We gave her to her forever family yesterday.  Our close friends, The Davenports, picked her up.  We couldn't find her family, and they have experience with Great Danes.  They were in love with her instantly, and I can see her anytime I want.  Because, honestly, I fell in love with her.  Really, really did.
Here are a few pictures of her.  She slept quite a bit.  When she wasn't sleeping, she was running with Snickers.  The two had so much fun together!
This is how she liked to sleep most often.

Simon was pretty sure she was his and that her stuff was also his.  But this shows how amazing she is!

This gives you an idea of how big she is.  She is truly a beautiful puppy, and I'm missing her.

Monday, September 9, 2013

What We've Been Doing and Other Thoughts

We are a busy, busy bunch anymore.  At least during the week.  I honestly believed I would have more time once the big boys were both in school all day, and I couldn't have been more wrong.  But, I enjoy being on the go.  And Simon seems to get cabin fever if we stay in for too many days.  I think we are finally finding a good routine, though.  And with Willy working from home four days a week, him and I are finding our groove. 
Simon is just growing by leaps and bounds!  He does something new almost everyday.  He definitely has his very own personality.  He is stubborn with Ethan's charisma.  I fear it to be a dangerous combination.  Top it off with Simon being Simon, and it could very well be a wild ride. 
I think he is starting to say more words.  Outside of mama, dada, no-no, and a couple yeahs, I am pretty sure I've heard "I'm done" twice over the weekend.  He's not walking, but will stand on his own pretty well. A couple weeks ago, he was standing on drumming on his drum with the drumsticks.  Super cute.
Ethan is doing great in Kindergarten.  The first couple of weeks were a little tough, but he's figuring it out, and really loves school.  He has change quite a bit the past several weeks.  And he's starting to give Colton a run for his money.  He's no longer sitting back and letting Colton give him a hard time.  Ethan has figured out he can return the favor.  It's been interesting.
Colton is just so big! He seems much older than he really is.  And I can tell he's really trying to figure out the world and how it all works and fits together.  And where he fits in in it all.  He's a really great big brother to Simon.  And most of the time to Ethan. 
Before some pictures I wanted to mention that I am thinking of switching up the blog some.  I'm not sure how, but I feel there has been a shift in our lives, and I think I might want to reflect that here.  I might gradually make some small changes here and there.  And there will still be grief related posts and links, I just really want to focus more on our family, raising the boys, and where we are headed.  Lucas and Caleb are still very much a part of our everyday lives, just a quieter part most days.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  I am hoping to sit and write more, as I've said a thousand times.  I think with us finding a good groove, I can.
Now for some pictures!

 Simon watching the boys play outside.  I am so ready for a fenced in yard and him to be walking.
 This is a family milestone.  Each boy has discovered the broken pieces of marble in front of the fireplace, and they have taken some up so I can spend a ton of time trying to fit them all back together.
 We brought in the Little People from storage for the first time in three or so years a couple of weeks ago.  All the boys have enjoyed them.  I am pretty sure this is only the third or fourth time Ethan has had them around.  And that this is the most playtime they've ever received.
 Yes, there are a ton of Little People playsets.  They have made great Birthday and Christmas gifts.
 Simon spent most of the first two days just emptying out buckets.  Now he really enjoys the playhouse, the school, and the dinosaur sets.
 We hit up the farm park this weekend.  Love that Simon can climb on the equipment now. And he really enjoys being active with his brothers.

 Colton just finished climbing the fireman pole.  Crazy kid!

This is my view of Simon often.  He is always on the go!
Hope everyone is having a good Monday!
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