Monday, September 9, 2013

What We've Been Doing and Other Thoughts

We are a busy, busy bunch anymore.  At least during the week.  I honestly believed I would have more time once the big boys were both in school all day, and I couldn't have been more wrong.  But, I enjoy being on the go.  And Simon seems to get cabin fever if we stay in for too many days.  I think we are finally finding a good routine, though.  And with Willy working from home four days a week, him and I are finding our groove. 
Simon is just growing by leaps and bounds!  He does something new almost everyday.  He definitely has his very own personality.  He is stubborn with Ethan's charisma.  I fear it to be a dangerous combination.  Top it off with Simon being Simon, and it could very well be a wild ride. 
I think he is starting to say more words.  Outside of mama, dada, no-no, and a couple yeahs, I am pretty sure I've heard "I'm done" twice over the weekend.  He's not walking, but will stand on his own pretty well. A couple weeks ago, he was standing on drumming on his drum with the drumsticks.  Super cute.
Ethan is doing great in Kindergarten.  The first couple of weeks were a little tough, but he's figuring it out, and really loves school.  He has change quite a bit the past several weeks.  And he's starting to give Colton a run for his money.  He's no longer sitting back and letting Colton give him a hard time.  Ethan has figured out he can return the favor.  It's been interesting.
Colton is just so big! He seems much older than he really is.  And I can tell he's really trying to figure out the world and how it all works and fits together.  And where he fits in in it all.  He's a really great big brother to Simon.  And most of the time to Ethan. 
Before some pictures I wanted to mention that I am thinking of switching up the blog some.  I'm not sure how, but I feel there has been a shift in our lives, and I think I might want to reflect that here.  I might gradually make some small changes here and there.  And there will still be grief related posts and links, I just really want to focus more on our family, raising the boys, and where we are headed.  Lucas and Caleb are still very much a part of our everyday lives, just a quieter part most days.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  I am hoping to sit and write more, as I've said a thousand times.  I think with us finding a good groove, I can.
Now for some pictures!

 Simon watching the boys play outside.  I am so ready for a fenced in yard and him to be walking.
 This is a family milestone.  Each boy has discovered the broken pieces of marble in front of the fireplace, and they have taken some up so I can spend a ton of time trying to fit them all back together.
 We brought in the Little People from storage for the first time in three or so years a couple of weeks ago.  All the boys have enjoyed them.  I am pretty sure this is only the third or fourth time Ethan has had them around.  And that this is the most playtime they've ever received.
 Yes, there are a ton of Little People playsets.  They have made great Birthday and Christmas gifts.
 Simon spent most of the first two days just emptying out buckets.  Now he really enjoys the playhouse, the school, and the dinosaur sets.
 We hit up the farm park this weekend.  Love that Simon can climb on the equipment now. And he really enjoys being active with his brothers.

 Colton just finished climbing the fireman pole.  Crazy kid!

This is my view of Simon often.  He is always on the go!
Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

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