365 pictures

September 27, 2010   Day 85
I LOVE this spinny thing at the park we went to tonight.  It uses your own weight to spin you around.  SUPER COOL!!

Septemer 26, 2010  Day 84
Today was a gloomy day.  Tons of tears and some hurt feelings.

September 25, 2010  Day 83
My scrapbooking family.  I really enjoyed spending the day with them!

September 24, 2010  Day 82
Had MOPS this morning and loved the purple MOPS bag!!

September 23, 2010  Day 81
The first tree I have seen that is turning colors!

September 22, 2010  Day 80
I've had this for almost 11 years.  And just now realizing the dragonflies on it.  Think it is time for fill this up.

September 21, 2010  Day 79
Saw these at Aldi's and was very excited!  One of the best parts about fall!

September 20, 2010  Day 78
Apparently playing on the stairs is just too much fun!

September 19, 2010   Day 77
Colton spun the big wheel and won 75 tickets!!!

September 18, 2010  Day 76
 Riding in Ron's yacht across the lake.  Thank you, Ron and Kathy for the amazing weekend!

September 17, 2010  Day 75
 Due Date Trip...this sign was put up to warn traffic right AFTER we hit a car that cut us off a few years ago.  This car turned onto the highway, skipped the driving lane and pulled in front of us in the passing lane and was going 25 mph when we hit it.  We had had our car for 15 days and it looked pretty bad.  We like to think the sign was put there after the dilema that was caused with the accident.

September 16, 2010  Day 74
 Colton had school pictures.  We weren't very impressed this year.  He's a cute kid, but not real sure about the photographer.

September 15, 2010  Day 73
Ethan and his reading area.

September 14, 2010  Day 72
 It was rainy and the boys were very excited about wearing their raincoats.

 September 13, 2010  Day 71
The hole in my kitchen floor Willy repaired before putting the house on the market.  This is pretty much what he found after removing the tiles.

September 12, 2010    Day 70
We found Buckeyes while walking at the Nature Center.  This is the one I knocked off the tree.  They are supposed to be good luck (even though Willy ripped his shorts while trying to get one) and we need all the good luck we can get.  We even found a cracked one that is trying to sprout, so will plant it.  We will grow our own good luck!

September 11, 2010    Day 69
We went to 2 fall festivals today.  One was in Seymour which is Amish Country.  We thought it was neat to see a hitching post with a horse and buggy in front of a McDonalds.

September 10, 2010   Day 68
This is the verse for the MOPS 2010-2011 year.  I find it very fitting right now.  The meeting today was hard, but good. 

September 9, 2010    Day 68
Had a really hard cry today and took a nap with Lucas and Caleb

September 8, 2010   Day 66
This is a root canal.  I am pretty sure I don't want one, but was informed today that it is in my very near future.

September 7, 2010   Day 65
Gave the blog a facelift today.  Really liking it!!

Septemer 6, 2010  Day 64
Went to Babies R Us to pick out some shower gifts.  Felt strong and able.  Had no problems until I saw this.  Then I remembered that we didn't get the chance to the twins belly cast.  We had joked how it would probably take two.

September 5, 2010  Day 63
The boys were able to pick out a pair of fun socks.  Colton picked out Spiderman and Ethan had to have Tinkerbell.

September 4, 2010   Day 62
The stairway I swore I wouldn't paint after Willy filled in holes and put white spots on the off-white paint 5 years ago.  Love you, honey, so I painted half for you.

September 3, 2010   Day 61
Baby Porter.  I was so excited to get to hold him and was even more thrilled that I didn't cry.  I was missing Lucas and Caleb some today, but I was celebrating the miracle of life and healthy babies.  It's time to be surrounded by them and know that a healthy baby is in my future.

September 2, 2010   Day 60
18 inches of rain in two days, these girls finally got some use!

September 1, 2010   Day 59
What keeps 4 boys 4 and under occupied and quiet on a rainy day when their mommies are in a funk?

August 31, 2010   Day 58
Ethan giving Colton a hug good-bye before school.  Ethan is missing his big brother on school days.

August 30, 2010   Day 57
Daddy chilling out.

August 29, 2010  Day 56
Colton's 4 Wheeler was replaced and the boys had so much fun chasing each other.  Grandpa Mike even got on his new mower and joined in the fun!

August 28, 2010   Day 55
Jamie, Amanda, Michelle, and I at my 10 year reunion.  We had a BLAST!!

August 27, 2010  Day 54
Met with a great friend tonight and he picked these for me.  Thanks for a wondeful dinner and conversation, Ron.

August 26, 2010  Day 53
I mowed the jungle of a backyard and found a pumpkin plant.

August 25th, 2010,  Day 52
We finally moved my china hutch to make my dining room look larger.  I will not be moving it next time.

August 24, 2010  Day 51
Ethan thought it would be fun to drown his Geotrax conductor in the hot wax of our "smell good" light.  That is dried wax on his finger, not a blister. 

August 23, 2010  Day 50
The only plant I've ever kept alive on my own.  It's the one Willy's company sent us after Lucas and Caleb were born.

August 22, 2010  Day 49
The frogs we caught at Mike and Dru's.  Colton had a blast, although grandma isn't a big fan of them jumping on her.  HaHaHa

August 21, 2010  Day 48
I have said since the twins were born that dragonflies remind me of them and their presence.  Well this one hung out on my toe for almost 20 minutes.  It brought me some peace.

August 20, 2010  Day 47
The view from my air mattress inside our tent.  We were seriously this close to the river!

August 19, 2010  Day 46
We celebrated my birthday with the Hart family.  It was such a fun night!

August 18, 2010  Day 45
Having a much better day today.  And it's such a relief!

August 17, 2010  Day 44
The box I beat up today.  I was completely consumed by grief today.

August 16, 2010  Day 43
The Baby Shower that never happened.  Seriously missing Lucas and Caleb today.

August 15, 2010  Day 42
Our gelato spoons from the free samples Kristan and I got after watching Eat.Pray.Love!  What an amazing movie.  Gave some different insight to grief.

August 14, 2010  Day 41
Packed and ready for 14 hours of scrapbooking fun!!

August 13, 2010, Day 40
 Willy and Ethan playing Guitar Hero together.

August 12, 2010, Day 39
 My loot from birthday shopping!!!  What a great time we had!!

 August 11, 2010, Day 38
 The pile of stuff we donated to the church's Really Really Free Market tonight

 August 10, 2010  Day 27
 The boys playing construction worker

August 9, 2010  Day 36
My babies in their crib. Today was nursery takedown.

August 8, 2010  Day 35
Taking Colton back-to-school shopping.

August 7, 2010  Day 34
Two days in the sun with 50SPF sunblock applied every 3 hours. 

August 6, 2010  Day 33
My yard sale money.  We did very well!!

August 5, 2010  Day 32
After seeing identical 2yo twin boys at the mall (who seemed interested in Ethan) and crying for half an hour in front of the whole world I came home to get this in the mail.  A productively crappy day. I wish there was an EASY button to take yourself off all lists and registries.

August 4, 2010  Day 31
I finally had my cremation locket engraved.  Now to just fill it.

August 3, 2010  Day 30
I packed all three of us in this suitcase to go to my grandma's house for 2 days!  Anyone who knows me knows this is unbelievable!

August 2, 2010  Day29
The blanket that causes many of the arguments between Colton and Ethan.  Today was the worst yet.  I wander if they would still fight over it if they knew it's history.

August 1, 2010  Day 28
All of this will be gone Friday and Saturday during my $2 yard sale.  I also have more in the dining room, but this is the bulk!  WOW!!!

July 31, 2010  Day 27
The MOPS steering team for 2010-2011!  I am so excited to be able to work and get to know these fabulous women!  I love them so much!

July 30, 2010  Day 26
Today was the best day I had since the twins were born!  Thank you Rhonda for reminding me who I wanted to be.

July 29th, 2010  Day 25
Today I was exhausted!  Exhausted from grieve, stress, crying, life in general

July 28th, 2010  Day 24
My pretty pedicure.  Today was so much fun!!  Thank you, Erin

July 27th, 2010  Day 23
This was taken at 14 weeks.  It is my favorite ultrasound picture because they are acting like true brothers already.  I spent some time looking at this today and crying.

July 26th, 2010  Day 22
My superheroes

July 25, 2010  Day 21
I went back to church for the first time since Lucas and Caleb were bornb (except for their service).  It was amazing even though I cried most the time.  I truly love the wonderful family I have there!

July 24, 2010  Day 20
This tool takes the backs off buttons so I now have more to choose from when designing names for sweet
button names.

July 23, 2010  Day 19
Because the I have to wait.

July 22nd, 2010  Day 18

Colton and his buddy, James, comparing toothpaste.  We had a sleepover tonight with two of my dear friend, Kritan's, little boys.  It's been a blast!!

July 21st, 2010  Day 17

All the Thank You cards are finally finished and ready to go out!!  I really wish they were for the twins' baby shower, though.

A picture a day for 365 days
July 5th, 2010  Day 1

The monkeys we had made at Build-A-Bear as family tradition.  They are great to hold, hug, cry, and sleep with on a bad day.  Caleb's is on the left and Lucas' is on the right.  They are sitting on their memory boxes with their baby quilts from the hospital.

July 6th, 2010
The beautiful Stargazers I planted 2 springs ago.  Seeing these flowers this morning made changed my day from borderline to pretty good.  This is the first Tuesday I haven't spent crying all day.

July 7th, 2010 Day 3
Round 3 of antibiotics for Colton's 3rd bout of strep throat in 8 weeks.  We are seeing a specialist soon to have his tonsils and adnoids removed.  I feel like the hits keep coming.

July 8th, 2010  Day 4
Although this was taken the day before the twins were born, it fits today.  It shows a touch of how much my husband truly loves me.  I had asked for some peanut M&M's as he was on his way home to shower.  This is what he brough back to me.  The picture is also the last taken of me before we lost Caleb and Lucas, which makes it hard to look at.  I am having one of those up and down days.

July 9th, 2010  Day 5
City limit sign to Washington, MO.  I shouldn't be able to be this far from home.

July 10th, 2010  Day 6
Looking smoking hot in my new dress.

July 11th, 2010  Day 7
Saw this at Six Flags today and thought it fits quite well.

July 12th, 2010  Day 8
The Christmas tree that is still up in the spare room at my Dad's.

July 13th, 2010  Day 9
The statue my Moms of Multiples club purchased for us after we lost Caleb and Lucas.  It also has an phenomenal poem written.  It is absolutely perfect.  Thank you, ladies!!!

July 14th, 2010  Day 10
I'm not the only one who has troubles making up my mind.

July 15th, 2010  Day 11
Willy set up a HUGE track on the playroom floor the day I came home from the hospital.  I felt it was time to move a smaller track to the train table.

July 16, 2010  Day 12
We were ready for a picnic tonight with some friends and it stormed like crazy.  We had an indoor picnic at their house instead

July 17th, 2010  Day 13
It's time to shed some more pounds and tone up a bit.

July 18, 2010  Day 14
My Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law made this for Willy and I.  I love it so much.  They really put a lot of thought into it.  Thank you Brandy and Steve!!!

July 19th, 2010  Day 15
My scrapbooking nook.  Today was the first day I've used it since Christmas.

July 20th, 2010  Day 16
I finally got the twin's names on the request list for To Write Their Names in the Sand!  It's been closed since I found it 5 weeks ago.  Also, a close friend was able to get her twins on there.  YAY!!!!
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