Favorite Posts

This page is dedicated to some of my favorite posts that I have written or read.  There are so many amazing women out there that pour their heart out every day.  And once in awhile I will read a post that just sticks with me for days and weeks.  This is a place to share those posts. 

(By the way, if your post is on here and you would like me to remove it for any reason, please email me and let me know)

**And The Cycle Continues  by Carrie  This post is probably in the top 10 of my own.  I was so excited when I finally felt like I had a grip on this cycle.

**the one in which i pour my heart out  by Devon  Devon posted this the other day.  It rang so true and honest and I have thought alot about it.   Being almost 3 years into this journey, she still has pain and grief, and isn't afraid to let the world know.  I love her blog and her honesty.

**Magic Numbers  by Allison  This number game has been thrown around quite a bit lately.  It is ugly and horrible how there has to be a line drawn for the terms miscarriage, product of conception (really, doctors have used this term to mom's who have lost their baby), and stillbirth. 

**To My Best Friend  by Carrie  Everytime I read this post it brings tears to my eyes.  Even though we have hard some hard times, I love him more and more everyday.  He is truly my best friend and soulmate.

**Bits and Pieces  by Carrie  I wrote his post in a frantic need to get a bunch of thoughts out of my mind.  Sometimes those ramblings provide the best medicine.

**Choices  by Stevie's Mommy, Kristin  This is one of the first blog posts I read after the twins were born.  It really spoke to me on so many levels.  And I know that everyday I have to make choices on who I want to be and how I want to be seen.  And I want my sons, all four of them, to be proud of me.

**Roots  by Glow in the Woods' Angie  This is an amazing piece about marriage after grief.  Once again, this site's authors have touched a deep place in my heart that few can reach.

**Getting the Job Done by Carrie  This is from when I figured out how to challenge grief, let him take over, and send him on his way.

**Reasons by Carrie  This is one I wrote four weeks after the twins were born.  It deals with faith and my thoughts on the phrase. "It happened for a reason."

**Lost by Carrie  I talk about lost completely in grief. 

**What I've Got Right Now by Erika.  She lost twin girls three years ago.  I love her wisdom and honesty.  And all the adventures of Paprika and Ginger.
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