Thursday, December 19, 2013


We're busy.  But we are all well!  There are many little moments I want to write about, but time is short.  Tons of pictures of the boys and Christmas fun, but tomorrow might be a better day for all that.

But for now, we are all well and having a great holiday season.  The big grief storm is beginning to brew, I can feel it deep down.  With my grandma being gone, there have been many moments when tears have reached the surface, a few escaping out.  I miss Lucas and Caleb on a daily basis, but I have honestly been too sick to embrace the hard grief that is due.  This is Christmas number FOUR without them.  How has that much time passed?  And we've survived every one of them. Some have been harder than others, but none as hard as that first one.

The boys are out of school for Christmas break now. Simon LOVES it when they are home.  I don't have Luke next week, so it'll be a vacation for all of us. He's a really good baby, but with the big boys home, it's tougher.

A quick confession: We haven't seen Santa yet or been to SDC this season.  I have only half our decorations up.  With all the crud we've been passing around, I am happy for my tree to be completed and shopping mostly done.  SDC probably won't happen, and it may be the 23rd before we see Santa.  And I am mostly okay with that.

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