Friday, March 26, 2010

A bracelet with my name on it...

I am 15 weeks today. The twins are 4 inches long already! And my belly is 42 inches around. hehe I am feeling pretty good, minus the allergy cough that has crept up.

I am having a hard time remembering things. A few weeks ago, I forgot my sunglasses in a dressing room at the Lake. This past Tuesday, I stopped by Wal-Mart to replace them on my way to Washington. When I got back to the van with the boys, I spotted my keys in the seat. I had to call Willy for the extra key. 20 minutes later I am on my way and looking for the DVD remote for the boys. I open the upper compartment we usually keep them in and my "forgotten" sunglasses fell out. Ahhhhhh!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bottomless Pit!!!!

If you googled bottomless pit, I feel confident a picture of me would pop up somewhere. It should not be physically possible for anyone to eat as much as I can right now. Even Willy is amazed by how much food I can shovel in without being in agony. Here's an example: We went to Lamberts this afternoon to celebrate Willy's birthday! (YAY he's 30, old man). Anyway, I ate the following: 2 rolls, 5 chicken legs (yes, that is FIVE), 2 servings of fried potatoes, a serving of mashed potatoes and gravy, maccaroni and tomatoes, and 2 servings of corn. That is a crazy amount of food. And I am pretty sure I could eat some dessert right about now.

I am relieved that I can finally eat the tons of food I need to to help these babies grow. I hope the ability sticks around for awhile. Even if it means enduring the "Oinks" from loving friends and family. hehe


Thursday, March 18, 2010

14 weeks tomorrow!!!!

I will be 14 weeks tomorrow. We are definitely through the first trimester hump! We had an ultrasound and appt today for a routine check-up. The ultrasound went well. They still only found one placenta, so the twins are identical. The ultrasound tech spent quite a bit of time looking for the membrane that seperates the sacs, so Willy and I had ample time to watch the twins as they were being moved around. Although she wouldn't tell us if they are boys or girls, Willy nor I saw any evidence of "extra appendages" to confirm that they are boys. hehe Hopefully we will know for sure by my next appt on 04/12/10.

Their heartbeats are great at 171 and 163. They seem to be doing very well and they definitely enjoy each other's company.

Below is a the ultrasound picture from today of them boxing and Apple sticking her tongue out at Blueberry. And then my 14 week belly shot. There seems to have been tons of growth in the past 4 or 5 days, although my total weight gain for the first trimester is at 3.5 lbs.

Friday, March 12, 2010

13 weeks

Today marks the end of the first trimester and I am feeling pretty good overall. The twins are now 3 inches from crown to rump! And my uterus is now the same as that of a singleton pregnancy at 20 weeks! And that growth is definitely playing with my digestion already. We get to see the babies next Thursday at my 14 week appt. After that, I may be going every two weeks for appts and ultrasounds.

It has been a really hard week with the passing of my grandpa. And I've been working hard to stay calm. I would really like to be up in Washington with my family right now, but know that it is best for me and the babies to stay home. The last two trips that way had me sick in the bathroom the entire night. It is better if I just wait until the night before the funeral to go up.

The boys are finally well. I am very grateful to have not caught their bronchitis. I couldn't imagine coughing that hard right now. Colton is super stoked about the babies. He wants to listen to them on a daily basis and asks about them frequently. Colton is also a super hero now. He is Sticky Man and we getting his yellow super hero cape tonight.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Apple and Blueberry

Well, we decided we don't like the names Baby A and Baby B when referring to the twins, so we are going to call them Apple and Blueberry. And in going along with the "fruit" theme, they are the size of limes this week.

I am feeling great! My energy has come back and I am eating normally again. Although I really have no desire for any junk food. There are cinammon rolls, chocolate donuts, and cookies in my house and I would rather eat the grapes, cantalope, and salad. It makes it easier to eat healthy, which is really nice.

The boys are doing pretty well, now. Colton was sick for part of the week, but he's currently running around chasing Ethan.

Here is a picture of my belly at 12 weeks pregnant. It seems as though it is growing every day.
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