Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bottomless Pit!!!!

If you googled bottomless pit, I feel confident a picture of me would pop up somewhere. It should not be physically possible for anyone to eat as much as I can right now. Even Willy is amazed by how much food I can shovel in without being in agony. Here's an example: We went to Lamberts this afternoon to celebrate Willy's birthday! (YAY he's 30, old man). Anyway, I ate the following: 2 rolls, 5 chicken legs (yes, that is FIVE), 2 servings of fried potatoes, a serving of mashed potatoes and gravy, maccaroni and tomatoes, and 2 servings of corn. That is a crazy amount of food. And I am pretty sure I could eat some dessert right about now.

I am relieved that I can finally eat the tons of food I need to to help these babies grow. I hope the ability sticks around for awhile. Even if it means enduring the "Oinks" from loving friends and family. hehe


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