Friday, June 29, 2012

27 weeks (3 days)

Wow, I am getting later and later every week.  Sorry about that.  I really have no excuse for this week.  Just haven't been at the computer much at all.

Baby Size: 14.5 inches and 2 lbs.  Simon is getting chunkier.

Weight Gain:  We'll go with 20 lbs even. Will know for sure next week.

Symptoms: Heartburn is setting in around 3am or so nightly.  Nothing uncontrollable yet, so I am grateful.  The heat is killer down here, so there is some swelling in my ankles and feet at nigh. Nothing picture worthy yet.  I am also staring to wear down quicker.  I almost feel like I wake up tired some mornings.

Innie or Outie:  Closer to flat than in.  The boys have been commenting on how my belly button is disappearing.

The best part of last week:  Rearranging rooms in my house, therefore becoming more ready for Simon to make his appearance.  I feel relieved to have the big moving of furniture over with.

What I am looking forward to: Celebrating the fourth of July pregnant.  A holiday I should have spent pregnant with Lucas and Caleb, and didn't.  I can't wait to see if Simon responds to the loud booms!

This past week has just been plain HOT.  I feel like a prisoner in my home, trying to stay out of this heat.  And I am sure the boys feel the same way.  They have been so good this week, playing together.  But I can sense the end of that coming quickly.

Last weekend I had a few hours of baby panic.  I realized just how close we are getting to meeting Simon.  And how many things still needed to be done, both Simon related and others.  That night Willy moved all our living room and dining room furniture around for me.  I love, love, love it!  And I feel a little more ready for our new little man.

I am feeling more frequent (didn't think it possible) and different movement now.  This morning it felt like Simon was having a ping pong tournament in my belly.  I feel him all over at the same time.  And it's not just the jabs anymore, there is a ton of all over shifting.  Also, Ethan finally felt him move yesterday for the first time.  The grin on his face was just wonderful.

27 weeks pregnant.

Shoes that Ethan had to buy for Baby Simon.  They match his Sketchers.

I bought a nursing cover with a coupon and gift card I had.  I forgot to register for one and thought it would be a smart buy.  They didn't really make these when Colton and Ethan were born, and I remember the frustration of trying to cover up in public.

A onesie we bought for Dru's house.  I forgot we bought it and came across it the other day.  Not that I get cranky very often, but fun just the same. hehe

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

26 weeks (2 days)

We are another week closer to meeting our Baby Simon.  Oh how the excitement is building!!!

Baby Size: 14 inches!! And just about 2 lbs. 

Weight Gain: 18 lbs ( a few more, but I am avoiding the scale as to not become obsessed) 

How I feel:  Pretty good most of the time.  I am waking up around 3am or so every morning with reflux and heartburn. I could do without that.  After two tums and a trip to the bathroom, I prop my head up some and usually fall back asleep pretty quickly.  I am also hotter at night, which will probably soon land me on the couch.  My ankles swell a little in the evenings, but nothing too bad that we need to worry about. 

Innie or Outie:  Innie still, but the top of my belly button is flattening out some.

Best Part of the Week:  Monday when Simon moved all day long.  I never went more than a half hour without feeling him squirming around or hiccuping.

Looking forward to: Just enjoying these moments...and my new diapers coming in!!

This past week was a really good one.  I have felt great most of the time with plenty of energy to finish things up.  There are so many projects we have on our plates that I really would like to be finished before August.  I figure August will be pretty miserable, and full of PTA back to school stuff.  Among those are switching the dining room and living room. It'll be a big undertaking, but I am confident that it will be pulled off.

I have to share a conversation between Ethan and Colton the other day.  Listening to these two boys talk really makes me wonder what Simon will come up with. 
Colton: Ethan, you know that sound you make when you fart?
Ethan: What?
Colton: That sound you make and the smell that comes out of your bottom when you fart?
Ethan: Yeah.
Colton: Well, that's gas.

This conversation came up out of the blue while we were in the car.  There was nothing that led up to it.

Speaking of them, they are really loving on Simon recently.  My belly is getting lots of hugs and "I love you's" from them.  I love how excited they are about their baby brother.  I know they are going to be such great big brothers.  Ethan tells Colton often that Colton is Ethan's hero, and Ethan is Simon's hero. 

Well, I know there is something else I wanted to write about here, but as usual it has slipped my mind.  So here's a few pictures.

26 weeks!!!

The proposed paper and paint for Simon's name panels.  Still a work in progress.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

We really had a blast of a weekend!  The four (five) of us spent so much time together, just really having fun.  I love weekends like that.  These three boys bring so much laughter and happiness to my life.  I am so excited to see what Simon is going to add!!

Friday evening we headed out to one of our favorite parks, Nathaniel Greene.  This park has it all!!!!  We picked up Dairy Queen for dinner, as the boys LOVE their hot dogs!!!  Plus Simon and I are really digging their crispy chicken sandwiches.  The boys ate quickly and then were off to the merry-o-round. 

I am so excited they have brought these back.  I think you learn alot by riding, and falling off, one of these.  Plus my boys have this crazy strong daddy that can really get it going.

The boys also joined up with another kid for a game of hide-and-seek.  Here is Ethan trying to be sneeky.  Love the look on my kiddo's face.

The best Daddy ever!  There is no one in the world that I chose over him to be the father of my children.  If it weren't for him, my poor boys wouldn't have half the fun they do.  I always fall in love with him all over again when I watch him with the boys.  

Ethan's best hiding spot of the night.  Willy's idea.

We stopped at the butterfly house on our way down to the lake.  Most of them were slowing down for the night.  But it is such a peaceful and magical place.  I think of all my babyloss friends and their sweet babies as the butterflies flutter around me. 

 Only in Springfield, MO can watch a deer come out and eat in the middle of town.  Colton and Willy played a little game to see how close they could sneek up to it.  They got pretty close, but were scared off a little when they began to smell skunk

On Saturday we braved the heat to take the boys fishing at Springfield Lake.  We chose the other side of the bridge from the fishing docks.  The boys are still pretty spastic with a pole, and it was more peaceful.  But it was HOT!!

Colton fishing, enjoying the water.

Ethan trying to unstick his pole.

The dragonfly that hung out on this rock for over an hour.  Miss and love my Lucas and Caleb.

One of my new favorite pictures.  These two boys are truly the best of friends.

A countless number of dragonflies.  Just an amazing site!

Saturday night we headed out to the JR Martin park in Republic for a birthday party.  This is another of my favorites!  There was a short downpour when we arrived, and then this triple rainbow.  You have to look really close, but you can make it out. 

There is also a video that is hilarious, but it won't load right now.  Will have to try again later.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

25 weeks (plus 1)

25 Weeks!!!!  What a great number to see! 

Baby Size: 13.5 inches  and 1.5 lbs

Weight Gain:  A whopping 18 lbs!  That is the total weight I gained during my pregnancy with Ethan.  And that makes a weight gain of 9 lbs in 4 weeks.  I am trying to add in some fruit and take out some brownies and cupcakes. 

How I Feel:  Pretty darn good. I have enough energy to get through the day without a nap right now. 

Symptoms:  The heartburn is starting to kick in some.  It is still pretty mild, so I can't complain too much.  I often feel short of breath also.  The dairy intolerance is almost controlled.  The Lactaid pills are helping some, I just need to figure out how many I need to take.  If I don't take as needed, the rest of the day is pretty much ruined.   I am also becoming more forgetful.  Seriously get lost mid-conversation sometimes.

Cravings:  Pizza and Mexican are really an all time craving. There is really nothing right now that I have to have.

Innie or Outie: Getting flatter

Best Part of Last Week:  Passing the last of anxiety filled days.  25 weeks is a milestone I didn't reach with Lucas and Caleb.  I feel a little relief and can emotionally breathe a little easier.

What I am Looking Forward to: Receiving the diapers from cowpatties that I ordered! Hopefully I can post pictures next week!!!  Her special is still going on through the15th!!

This past week has been quite busy.  We did all the yard sale stuff, which was exhausting and HOT! I promised myself I wouldn't complain about being pregnant through the summer.  With Lucas and Caleb I did before summer even hit.  Then we lost them, and well now I am appreciative for the opportunity.  That being said, my body doesn't handle the heat as well.  I am very grateful for a working air conditioner and netflix.

I also started prenatal yoga this week.  I took a Selah yoga class at the YMCA last fall and loved it!  It was so relaxing and to have worship music playing in the background made it even more so.  I found a prenatal yoga "video" on netflix and thought I would try it out.  The other night after everyone was in bed, I turned it on, along with some worship music.  Wow, how amazing!!  Yoga is completely different when there is 15+ lbs of baby belly in front of you.  I was able to really connect with Simon, and to enjoy my body.  I felt so relaxed during and after.  Throughout the entire video, the instructor kept saying, "Make more room for your baby."  Well...I did, and Simon is loving it! He is stretched out all over the place now.  He truly found my lungs, and thinks it's a pretty nice place.  Silly boy.  I also want to say that my hips are feeling much better.  I hope to do this every other day or so.

Now for some pictures and stories:

This was taken Friday.  Love this view of my belly.

Here is the 25 week belly picture.

And my new haircut! Love love love the new 'do!!

Here is the paper pack I bought yesterday to use for the panels in Simon's room. I can't wait to get started!!

Here are two outfits we bought for him last week. 

The view of the bums.  (I guess I forgot to turn them)

Meet Baby Ollie.  He is the Scentsy Buddy Jr we picked out for Simon.  He is absolutely adorable! And smells amazing thanks to the scent pak! 

Here is the baby book/journal we picked out for Simon.  I know the bear looks weird, but what is on the inside is amazing.  I really wanted a book that had tons of room for journaling.  Since I scrapbook, I knew pictures and stuff would be great in a scrapbook and wanted a place where I could write a lot to Simon. 
Willy and I went to Barnes and Noble Saturday without the boys.  I wanted to take the opportunity to really look at it and make sure I wanted it.  I was reading some of the journal prompts, and it truly hit me.  The little boy very likely is coming home with us.  We are really having another baby.  The excitement was too much.  I started to cry bawl, right there in the middle of the store.  My heart just poured out right there.

This week has been a busy week, and it is so hard to believe I am less than 3 weeks from being in the third trimester.  Time is going by fast.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Yard Sale Friday

We had our yard sale on Friday and Saturday.  We haven't had one for a couple of years, and it was really time to purge some.  Friday's was in our driveway, and Saturday's sale was part of the neighborhood sale that is set up in the field next to our house.  The boys, mainly Colton, decided he wanted to also have a lemonade stand. 

Here they are at 7:00am.  Ethan was really not quite awake yet.  And I am so proud of Colton's sign he made.  Also, when looking at this pictures, I can really tell how much Ethan is really built like Willy. 

This is at about 9:30am.  Colton was already tired of sitting and waiting.

And here is Ethan, bored as usual.

At some point we thought we would let Ethan try and ride Colton's bike.  He is almost there, but not quite.

The boys also spent some time practicing their casting.  The target was a stump in the neighbor's yard.  Willy also played around with their poles. His target was our roof, behind us.

The boys are never too big for a wagon ride.  

I can't leave out our puppy.  He hung outside with us all day.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yesterday was a great day!  We ran some errands in the morning and met Willy for lunch.  The boys seemed to appreciate being out of the house a little.  And I really needed it.  Funny thing, I really can't remember where we went before lunch.

On the way home, Colton had to really go to the restroom, so we stopped at a park.  They then played for about 15 minutes or so.  There is this slidey thing they like to play on.  It is a handle bar on a long track that they can hang from and glide from one platform to another.  Not really sure any other way to describe it.  Anyway, I have for the past several years attempted to avoid parks with this particular piece of equipment if Willy wasn't with us.  There has always been one of them that needed help, and well, they are a little too heavy for me to do it more than a few times.

Anyway, I am thrilled to announce that they are both now big enough and strong enough to do it on their own. Absolutely fabulous! 

When we got home, we took some time to relax before heading to the pool.  Here is a picture of the boys chilling together.  I am so happy they are still getting along.  I really look forward to having Simon join them on the couch.

And here they are after swimming.  They were wiped out.  Snickers has found a new buddy with Colton being home all day.  This is what our afternoons are looking like alot lately right before daddy gets home.

Last night we decided to take the boys bowling.  Actually, Ethan asked to go.  Since they are signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program, we thought it would be fun.  They get to bowl two games a day, every day, for free all summer long!  Last year Ethan wasn't quite into it yet, so we only went once.  This year was a different story.  They LOVED it!  We had so much fun, even me from the sidelines.  I know we'll be hanging out here quite a bit also.

Here is Colton in mid approach.

 And my lefty, Ethan.  He did really well, beating his big brother both games.

I also had my 24 week appointment today.  It went really well.   Minus the fact that I have put on 9 lbs in the past 4 weeks.  Feeling a little uneasy about that, but we'll deal and cutback on the cupcakes some.  Maybe.  Anyway, Dr L and I celebrated making it to 24 weeks.  She reminded me how different this pregnancy was, but seemed to understand how important this milestone was for me to pass. We also discussed some problems I've been having.  She said it sounds like lactose intollerance and suggested a few things I can do to help.  My next appointment is my last 4 week appointment.  That is so exciting to think about!

Well, off to get stuff out for BBQ.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

24 weeks (and 1 day)

24 Weeks!!!!!  A very HUGE milestone for Simon and I.  We have officially reached viability!!!!  Now for him to stay put for another 13-16 weeks, we'll be great to go!

Baby Size:  12 inches, just over a pound

Weight Gain:  No idea, and terrified to step on that scale tomorrow

How I Feel:  Great!  Have finally reached the feel good period.  And I am taking advantage of it.  Though I normally pay for it by bedtime.

Symptoms:  Reflux and sore tailbone.  And I am beginning to have to breath a little more shallow.  Plus, let's not forget the forgetfulness.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I lose my train of thought mid-sentence at times.

Cravings:  Iced Mint Tea (decaf), chocolate cupcakes, and cereal.

Innie or Outie:  Still an innie!

Best Part of Last Week:  Remembering Lucas and Caleb, and knowing that Simon is doing great. 

What I am looking forward to:  Getting the orange drink tomorrow at my appointment.  Never thougt I would be so excited to get the GD testing, but it is a symbol of how far we have come!

Lucas and Caleb's birthday was no where near as tough as it was last year.  I really spent the day remembering them, their lives, and the amazing things they have taught me, and given me.  They are always in my heart.  Simon was quiet ALL day though, and that sent me to the doppler a couple of times.  That night, he played for 2.5 hours straight, though.  The boy likes to move in a big way!!!

Today I am 24 weeks 1 day.  This is the day my water broke with Lucas and Caleb.  I have thought about it quite a bit today.  Each braxton hicks contraction (I have 1 every couple of hours, sometimes 2) stops me for a moment.  But I know that this pregnancy is very different from theirs and there are no signs of danger any time soon.   Now to just get past the next 3 days, and I am sure I will emotionally breathe a lot easier.

Simon is definitely a mover! He is probably the most active baby I've had.  He wakes up anytime I roll over and will move for 15-30 minutes through the night.  Him and I have 5 or 10 minutes every morning before I get out of bed.  He moves around, I rub my belly, and tell him good morning, and how much he is loved.  He has several bouts throughout the day when is pretty active, and usually every night for an hour or so he moves around.  This morning, about 3:00am, he decided to try and poke his elbow (I am guessing for the sharpness) out of the left side of my belly. 

Okay, so here is an insane amount of pictures from the past couple of weeks.  I am hoping to get these on here now, and stay caught up through the summer. 

Our pool is open!  I love it and plan on spending many, many hours in it with the boys. 

We went out to Mike and Dru's for hotdogs and s'mores to celebrate the beginning of summer break.  It was a great time!!!  And I'm not telling how many s'mores I ate, but let's say it was good I stopped for extra chocolate bars on the way out there.

Colton and Ethan are playing well together so far.  I love this picture for so many reasons.  These two entertain me quite well. 

We received beautiful white roses from M.E.N.D. on Lucas and Caleb's birthday.

 And this amazing card from Kathleen.  It is sitting on their shelf.

The boys and I have finally finished Lucas and Caleb's flower garden.  Last year we were hoping to move, so had the beginnings in a large planter.  This year we moved them (plus some new ones) to a more permanent spot in front of the house.

 On Saturday, the boys went fishing with Willy.  Colton caught 3 fish and Ethan caught 2.  Below is Ethan pouting because he really is tired of waiting for a fish to bite.  Plus a half shot of my belly in the upper corner.

Here is Colton getting his 3.2 lbs of fish weighed.

Here is a belly picture and some other Simon pictures for this week:

24 weeks!!!  Do you see the bump sticking out just above my belly button? That is Simon's bum.  He has been pushing it out all day.

We bought the letters for the panels that will go above his bed today.  And here are the sheets I've been searching for.  Found one at the other day and had to buy it before I lost the chance.

We picked up our first set of cloth diapers on Saturday at the farmer's market.  They are super cute, and I am really looking forward to buying more!  The lady that is making them is due on Sept 25th also, and her and her husband have the same anniversary as Willy and I.  What a small world.

Simon's travel system came in!  I am so in love this set.  It is super soft, the colors are perfect, and ahhhh I just love it!!!  When I was carrying the carseat in, tears came to my eyes, and I really began to believe that Simon will be coming home with us in September.

Well, the boys are wanting to jump in the pool.  Hopefully I'll get back to writing more soon.
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