Monday, June 11, 2012

Yard Sale Friday

We had our yard sale on Friday and Saturday.  We haven't had one for a couple of years, and it was really time to purge some.  Friday's was in our driveway, and Saturday's sale was part of the neighborhood sale that is set up in the field next to our house.  The boys, mainly Colton, decided he wanted to also have a lemonade stand. 

Here they are at 7:00am.  Ethan was really not quite awake yet.  And I am so proud of Colton's sign he made.  Also, when looking at this pictures, I can really tell how much Ethan is really built like Willy. 

This is at about 9:30am.  Colton was already tired of sitting and waiting.

And here is Ethan, bored as usual.

At some point we thought we would let Ethan try and ride Colton's bike.  He is almost there, but not quite.

The boys also spent some time practicing their casting.  The target was a stump in the neighbor's yard.  Willy also played around with their poles. His target was our roof, behind us.

The boys are never too big for a wagon ride.  

I can't leave out our puppy.  He hung outside with us all day.

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