Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Shower....6 months later

This is seriously late, but I have a few minutes and thought this snowy day would be a great time to post a few picks from Simon's baby shower.  I have the most amazing friends and family (and creative).  I won't write much, but here is a TON of pictures.
I asked that the shower be as late in the pregnancy as possible.  And for me to not know when invitations went out.  The day they went out for our shower for Lucas and Caleb my water broke and the whole world began to crumble.  I was nervous about all this.  But really wanted to have a shower to celebrate Simon.
Tina and Kristan planned the shower, and Dru made the cupcakes.  Right after I announced Cinco was on his way, Tina requested she throw the shower.  Thank you ladies for the most fabulous job and really making the day special! 

The  cheese plate (creative, right?)  I never would have thought of this!

This pillow was made by Tina's mom.  It sits on the rocking chair in Simon's room.
Rachel and I.  Our last picture together with both of us being pregnant.

Oh my...This is box holds prayers for Simon up til his 21st birthday.  Everyone picked a year and wrote a prayer/thoughts for him.  Tears still form when I see this box in his room.  I love, love, love this idea. 

There were a lot of pictures taken of my shoes.  I bought these for the shower, determined to wear heals 36 weeks pregnant.

A picture of the love we were showered with.
The name panels I made to go above Simon's bed.
I really love this picture.
I had searched for months for an Owl money bank for Simon, and Rachel found one.

The following week, Willy asked for me to join him for lunch.  I really didn't want to, but he really kept at it.  His co-workers threw a surprise shower for us.  Very thoughtful and wonderful!

This cake was seriously yummy!
This was the last day I wore this shirt.  I was sad to grow out of it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Play

About 2 weeks ago, we finally had a pretty good snow.  It's been 2 years since more than an inch has fallen at a time.  We woke up on Tuesday morning to lots of the beautiful white stuff.  Then to the disappointment that Colton had to go to school.  But we hurried up, ate breakfast, and made time for the big boys to go out and play in it before school.
This is the first year Ethan has really enjoyed the snow.  He's big enough now that he doesn't become cold quickly, and he can make his own snowballs.  He holds his own pretty well when facing his big brother out there.
The boys made a quick snowman and ran around like crazy snow loving children. Their first stop was Colton climbing up the ladder to fling snow off the tree and Ethan sliding down the slide.  Then these boys would run and just fall face first into the snow.  I truly love how much they love the snow.  And this snow was perfect!!!
After school, Willy took them to a big hill not too far from the house to do some sledding.  I stayed home with Simon, but Willy did take some videos.  This was really their first time to do some serious sledding.  They were gone for TWO hours, reminding me how we used to do it when we were kids. They came home to chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa.  They had a BLAST!!!
The next day was a little warmer, so Willy and I bundled Simon up to take him out for a few pictures.  We were out there for maybe 5 minutes.  He really wasn't phased by it much, other than loving all the bright whiteness of it all.  We took a few pictures then headed in to warm up.  Boy, am I glad the other two are big enough now to bundle themselves up.
Here are a few pictures I took:
Just love this picture

Colton pulling flinging snow from the branches.

Willy pretending to roll over Ethan.  Just realized my crazy husband didn't even have a hat on his bald head.  Crazy man.

Colton chasing Ethan, trying to nail him with a snowball.

Snickers helping to bury Colton in the snow....or maybe dig him out.
This crazy dog loved the snow.  Seriously whined by the door every 20 minutes so he could go out and play.  And if you threw a snowball at him, he'd dive nose first into it.
The older boys toting the sled up the hill.
Sitting on a sled in the backyard. 
Checking out the snow.
Look at those bright blue eyes.  Oh my!

Telling me all about the snow.
Snickers trying to eat the snow off Simon. 

I was so happy to see the snow, but I am so very ready for Spring.  And today is cold, bitter cold.  They are calling for 72 on Friday, though.  Such is the weather in Missouri.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Months and Jan/Feb Simon Photo Dump

So...I never posted for Simon's 4 months or much of January really, and here it is March.  Colton had the FLU week Simon turned 4 months old, and then the following week Simon came down with pink eye and an ear infection.  To be honest, our entire house hasn't all been well at the same time since that Friday Colton came home with a fever of 104.5.
At Simon's 4 month well visit he weighed a whopping 16lbs 9oz.  A week later he was 17lbs even.  He was then 27.5 inches long, and is now creeping up to 29 inches.  The boy is growing well.  He is nursing 4 times a day and eating solids 2 times a day.  He loves bananas and avocados, tolerates sweet potatoes, and can do without pears.  We are going with some carrots tonight for dinner.  He will not eat cereal of any kind.  That is fine with me as we are making his baby food and the cereal is kind of complicated with a horrible texture.
Simon does have a few nicknames.  The poor boy hears a lot of name from us.  "Boo" is number one.  "Simon Parker" is often called his way.  It sounds so right, though the older boys only hear their middle name when they being in trouble.  And "SP" is the most recent name being said around the house.  He responds to them all, though.
Simon sits on his own for a couple minutes at a time.  He is starting to straighten his back out for longer periods of time when he is sitting.  Really, though, he would rather be standing up.  The boy will stand, leaning on me a little, and play at a train table or his activity table for 10-15 minutes.  He still hates tummy time.  I am lucky if he'll stay on his tummy for 5 minutes without beginning to fuss.  But we keep trying.  When he is on his tummy, he can lift his chest off the floor and get his knees off him, just not at the same time.
Simon sleeps like a dream, still.  I write this knowing that Daylight Savings Time is this weekend and it'll all go away for a few weeks.  Dreading that some.  Simon has also started reaching for everything, the most common being me.  He'll reach for anything someone else has.  He loves my Kindle Fire.  I downloaded an app that colors bright colors as he touches it.  Last night Willy was playing legos with the older boys and holding Simon.  Simon was fussing because he wanted to play legos also.  He has also begun to reach for Snickers.  Snickers is such a great dog!  He will lie there next to Simon on the play mat and let Simon hold onto his ears. 
Simon has also begun to miss me when I am not around.  Oh how this melts my heart.  It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, and Willy has had to keep the boys a few evenings.  Simon has begun to give him a hard time while I am away.  It makes leaving him hard, but I know it has to be done.  And when someone else is holding him, he always looks around to make sure I am near.  I really love being mommy. 
Alright onto some many pictures.
Simon felt so sick that he actually fell asleep on me.  This NEVER happens.
Beautiful smile and blue eyes!

I have pictures of Colton and Ethan in this shirt.  This pose is almost identical to the one Colton had when we took his picture.

Seriously love this face!
4 months old!
This was the last month in the 3 month onesie.  He's too long for it now.

First picture taken in February.  He was hanging out on the bed while I folded laundry.
My baby boy has pink eye.  This was tough.  The poor little guy was crying green before we were given antibiotics.

Rolling over to watch Tinga Tinga Tales better.
Our first taste of baby food.  Not so sure, but really went for it on bite #2.

Simon loves his tool table.  I love watching him interact with his toys.  Daddy loves his video games.
Take two with the food....avocados.
Making our baby food.  I love these little containers!

Simon's first ride.  Living it up at Chuck E Cheese for Grandma's birthday.

Grandma and her boys.
I do believe that Simon thinks he is one of the older boys.
Here's the collage for 5 months!  He is getting so big!

Simon really began to interact with his owl this month.  Here he is hitting it.
"Hi friend!"
"And now I will try to eat you."
Oh dear, my heart melts with this little boy.
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