Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Play

About 2 weeks ago, we finally had a pretty good snow.  It's been 2 years since more than an inch has fallen at a time.  We woke up on Tuesday morning to lots of the beautiful white stuff.  Then to the disappointment that Colton had to go to school.  But we hurried up, ate breakfast, and made time for the big boys to go out and play in it before school.
This is the first year Ethan has really enjoyed the snow.  He's big enough now that he doesn't become cold quickly, and he can make his own snowballs.  He holds his own pretty well when facing his big brother out there.
The boys made a quick snowman and ran around like crazy snow loving children. Their first stop was Colton climbing up the ladder to fling snow off the tree and Ethan sliding down the slide.  Then these boys would run and just fall face first into the snow.  I truly love how much they love the snow.  And this snow was perfect!!!
After school, Willy took them to a big hill not too far from the house to do some sledding.  I stayed home with Simon, but Willy did take some videos.  This was really their first time to do some serious sledding.  They were gone for TWO hours, reminding me how we used to do it when we were kids. They came home to chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa.  They had a BLAST!!!
The next day was a little warmer, so Willy and I bundled Simon up to take him out for a few pictures.  We were out there for maybe 5 minutes.  He really wasn't phased by it much, other than loving all the bright whiteness of it all.  We took a few pictures then headed in to warm up.  Boy, am I glad the other two are big enough now to bundle themselves up.
Here are a few pictures I took:
Just love this picture

Colton pulling flinging snow from the branches.

Willy pretending to roll over Ethan.  Just realized my crazy husband didn't even have a hat on his bald head.  Crazy man.

Colton chasing Ethan, trying to nail him with a snowball.

Snickers helping to bury Colton in the snow....or maybe dig him out.
This crazy dog loved the snow.  Seriously whined by the door every 20 minutes so he could go out and play.  And if you threw a snowball at him, he'd dive nose first into it.
The older boys toting the sled up the hill.
Sitting on a sled in the backyard. 
Checking out the snow.
Look at those bright blue eyes.  Oh my!

Telling me all about the snow.
Snickers trying to eat the snow off Simon. 

I was so happy to see the snow, but I am so very ready for Spring.  And today is cold, bitter cold.  They are calling for 72 on Friday, though.  Such is the weather in Missouri.

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