Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Shower....6 months later

This is seriously late, but I have a few minutes and thought this snowy day would be a great time to post a few picks from Simon's baby shower.  I have the most amazing friends and family (and creative).  I won't write much, but here is a TON of pictures.
I asked that the shower be as late in the pregnancy as possible.  And for me to not know when invitations went out.  The day they went out for our shower for Lucas and Caleb my water broke and the whole world began to crumble.  I was nervous about all this.  But really wanted to have a shower to celebrate Simon.
Tina and Kristan planned the shower, and Dru made the cupcakes.  Right after I announced Cinco was on his way, Tina requested she throw the shower.  Thank you ladies for the most fabulous job and really making the day special! 

The  cheese plate (creative, right?)  I never would have thought of this!

This pillow was made by Tina's mom.  It sits on the rocking chair in Simon's room.
Rachel and I.  Our last picture together with both of us being pregnant.

Oh my...This is box holds prayers for Simon up til his 21st birthday.  Everyone picked a year and wrote a prayer/thoughts for him.  Tears still form when I see this box in his room.  I love, love, love this idea. 

There were a lot of pictures taken of my shoes.  I bought these for the shower, determined to wear heals 36 weeks pregnant.

A picture of the love we were showered with.
The name panels I made to go above Simon's bed.
I really love this picture.
I had searched for months for an Owl money bank for Simon, and Rachel found one.

The following week, Willy asked for me to join him for lunch.  I really didn't want to, but he really kept at it.  His co-workers threw a surprise shower for us.  Very thoughtful and wonderful!

This cake was seriously yummy!
This was the last day I wore this shirt.  I was sad to grow out of it.

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