Thursday, August 30, 2012

36 Weeks (9 months)

No more than 4 weeks left until I am holding my baby boy in my arms!  What a wonderful thought!
Simon size:  18.5 inches 6 lbs or so
Weight gain: 30 lbs
Symptoms: Everything you can have at 36 weeks.  I feel like a definite 36 week pregnant woman.
How I feel:  Pretty good in general.  I am tired and sore, but not like I was at this point with Colton.
Cravings: Sweet stuff.  And KFC chicken and cole slaw.
Best Part of Last Week:  Where to begin...2 baby showers and NST
Looking forward to: Shopping with Dru this weekend!!!!!
Let's see here....
We had our baby shower on Saturday!  Loved it, loved it!  There is a post that will be separate all about it.  Way too much to write and keep you here.  But I have to say I am blessed with the most amazing friends and family! I cannot wait to tell Simon all about all the love!  Will quit here before I get carried away....I plan on posting about the shower in detail tomorrow!
Monday was Ethan's first day of Pre-K.  Another separate posts with pictures.  He was so excited to go back to school!!
Monday was my 36 weeks appointment.  Weekly appointments now.  It is so hard to believe we are at this point.  It seems surreal a lot of the time.  Simon is measuring back on track.  Silly boy really grows in spurts.  Dr. L. checked me since we've been having regular contractions for a couple of weeks now.  Much to every one's surprise I haven't begun to dilate yet.  Huh?  Guess he's in there for a bit longer.  When she asked about Simon moving, I mentioned he had been sluggish.  She asked if he was moving enough for me to be reassured and I answered with yes.  She left to get the paperwork and said she'd be right back.
I sat there and thought about it.  I felt like I really may not be reassured by his movements.  That this might be our chance if something is wrong to find it.  What if something was wrong, and I didn't speak up?  What if we lost him, and I could have known and didn't say anything. I would live with that forever.  And why in the world do I have to have these thoughts running through my head.  The doubt.  So when she came back in, I told her maybe I wasn't feeling so good about it all.  She said she understood, and that we'd get me hooked up.
She sent me down the hall to the NST room.  The nurse came in, laid me in super comfy recliner, and hooked me up.  We talked about why I was there.  When I explained about my heightened anxiety due to losing Lucas and Caleb, she said she completely understood.  Dr. L. came in after about 5 minutes to see how things were going.  I have to say I am so grateful for having the doctors and nurses I have.  They truly care about Simon and I, and they show it.  Simon passed the NST.  Dr. L. said we couldn't ask for a more perfect score! And I feel the best emotionally that I have felt in weeks.
On Tuesday, I was all set to stay home in pj pants and a tank top.  I was going to finish getting ready for Simon and enjoy a day at home.  Willy called and BEGGED me to have lunch with him.  I told him I really wanted to stay home.  After some coaxing, I gave in and headed over there.  The girls in his office threw a surprise baby shower for us! How very wonderful!  I was so surprised and excited.  They are really wonderful, and again, I just feel so blessed.  We had a great time, and they bought some wonderful gifts for Simon and I.  Not to mention HUGE chocolate bars for Colton and Ethan.
Well, here are some pictures from last week!

Kristan and Tina.  They threw the shower for us!  I truly love these two women.  A girl couldn't ask for better friends.  I could go on and on, but another post.  Remember?
 The shoes I wore!  I paid $1.50 for them in July and had to have them for the shower.  I love them, and others seemed to enjoy taking pictures of them.

36 weeks belly shot.  

The corner above the changing table.  Love how it came together.

Simon's bag is packed.  Notice the pair of shoes peeking out.  hehe

36 weeks with Simon

36 weeks with Colton

36 weeks with Ethan
24 weeks with Lucas and Caleb.  I miss them, but know they are ever so close as Simon's arrival draws nearer.

Have a great week! I will post about the shower soon, I promise!!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

35 Weeks (+2 days)

35 Weeks!  Wow, almost completely full term.  It's been 30 weeks since we found out we were expecting Baby #5.
Baby Size: 18.5 inches and 5.25 lbs.  Give or take
Weight Gain: 28 lbs.  (no weight gain between appointments this time)
Symptoms: Heartburn and reflux in the evenings.  The back pain is starting to set in some.  Along with the definite cervical pain from Simon's head pushing against it.  Even though he has dropped, I still have moments when I am very short of breath.  NESTING!!!!!  And Braxton Hicks contractions nightly.
Cravings: The most amazing chocolate that seems to only be found in Branson.  I am also craving orange crush soda.
How I feel: Pretty good for the most part.  Slightly in a panic at times with how close he really is.
Best Part of last week:  Hard to choose.  It' been a really good week. Simon is active.  Love it!!
Looking forward to: My baby shower on Saturday!!!
My 35 week appointment was on Monday.  I am still measuring two weeks behind, but she feels all is fine.  Simon is likely going to be a small baby.  They did the GBS swab (never fun), and she said she wanted to wait until next week to check me.  With my nightly contractions, she didn't want to encourage anything quite yet.  I had a lot of questions this time, since I tend to forget them at the other appointments.  Dr. L. was very patient with them and me.  She tried to reassure me the main concern that I should have right  now is that I go into labor on my own.  Everything else seems to be going as it should. 
I have been a nesting fool this week.  My house feels like it has transformed, and is getting ready for baby.  I am enjoying the nesting and the productivity. But, there truly isn't an evening that goes by, when I am resting, when the though, "Am I doing all this for nothing?" crosses my mind.  In the moment it all needs to be done.  But when things quiet down those thoughts creep in.  I've had to undo it all before, I really don't want to again.  Most the time I feel very confident Simon will arrive alive and healthy.  There are times, though, when I feel like I am just being oer-confident about it, that we just don't know.
I finally cut the tags off a few outfits this week.  They needed to be washed and packed.  I called a friend while doing it, so I could be distracted from what I was doing.  I remember with the other three pregnancies, I loved cutting off the tags.  Now it's a dreaded chore that I really want to put off until I know Simon will be wearing these clothes.  I hate this reality.
My baby shower is this weekend.  I am soooo excited for it to finally be here.  I am excited to know that we are two days away from making it to the shower.  Another milestone for us.  It also brings with it some anxiety.  I still have two more days for something to go wrong.  But we will be surrounded by friends and family on that day.  We will be celebrating Baby Simon, and really all we have been through the past two years.  These friends were by my side when Lucas and Caleb were born, they celebrated their lives with us a week later.  And they have prayed for Simon continuously throughout his life.  It's going to be a great day!!
I want to congratulate Dana and Ted on the birth of their beautiful rainbow, Emily.  After 5 losses, they finally got to bring home their beautiful baby girl.  She gives them hope, me hope, and so many other moms out there who have lost babies hope.  She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect.  Hearing her cry the other day really brought happy tears to my eyes. 

35 weeks belly.  Simon has dropped, though I think he just uses the extra room.

Whoot!  I love Scentsy! I love working for such an amazing company.  I found it perfect that they released this warmer in August, just in time for Simon.

Simon's bag is packed.

The dragonfly mirrors that hang from Simon's light.  Just noticed a light bulb is out.

The book Ethan picked out for Simon yesterday.  He said he will give it to him in the hospital when he is born.  I cried.

A video of Mr. Simon moving.  Pretty sure he was also cheering for the RAMS!  And he had the hiccups.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun Family Weekend

We had another fun-filled weekend.  This cooler weather is keeping us out of the house.  And I know that Simon is going to be here very soon, so I want the boys to really enjoy these last couple of weeks before things get crazy around here.

We decided to take the boys to the Brickcation set-up at Branson Landing this weekend.  It is FREE!!!!  And there's lots of shopping around, which is always fun for me.  There was even a trolley to ride one.  We really had a great time, and I found the most amazing chocolates ever.  Seriously melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

You'll have to forgive the poor quality of the photos.  I left the memory card to my camera in my computer.  I had to take pictures with my, not so top of the line, phone.  Also, we watched the Fire and Water show, loved it.  If you live anywhere close, this is definitely a great day outing!

Our first stop was the trolley. (After the restroom of course)

Colton in his lego pirate hat, digging for the perfect pieces for his racecar.

Ethan and his pirate hat.

Colton's first car. 

Ethan's train.  I helped him due to there being no instructions on how to build one.

The store front window.

Colton won this race. His car was really fast and went super straight. 

Ethan playing in the lego city that has been built by many, many visitors.

Colton's rocket car on display.  It is so neat that if you build something and want to display it, they'll  find a place on the shelves so everyone who comes in can see it. 

We hit up a couple parks over the weekend.  Last night we thought we'd go out for an hour or so and let the boys run off some energy.  I just really love this picture of Colton!

I enjoy weekends like this.  I have felt great all weekend, and hope that the next couple weekends are the same.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Colton's First Day 1st Grade

WOW!  I can't believe my Colton is in first grade.  He has been so excited all summer long to be a first grader.  I have been excited for him.  But, honestly, yesterday was harder for me than the first day of Kindergarten was.  I am sure hormones play a role, but I had to fight hard to keep tears away.  (I didn't wear waterproof mascara) Walking him in and seeing workbooks on his desk, it really hit me. Colton is a big kid now.  He is growing up, spending most of his day in class learning.  He walked up to friends from last year, giving them high fives.  How cool!!  But it really seems like he's growing up so fast.  I miss him during the day, although I am appreciative for the routine we're back in.  And when I asked Ethan yesterday what he wanted to do all day,  he answered with, "Sit on the couch with you, mommy, and watch tv."  My kind of day.

Colton had a great first day back.  He was disturbed some by there not being any toys in the classroom like there has been for the past three years.  He had fun though.

One of my favorite smiles.  Love my blue-eyed boy!!  I am the luckiest person in the world to see this smile every day!

I just like this picture.

I forget what he was doing here, besides trying to be goofy.  Looks like he's going to take off flying through the air.

Showing off his new kicks.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weeks 33 and 34

I missed last week.  I took the picture, along with some others. Then time just ran away, and I realized I'd just be better off waiting until this week.

Baby Size: 18-19 inches and almost 5 lbs

Weight Gain: Dr's notes say 31 lbs, but I think their starting weight is off...more like 28 lbs

Innie or Outie: Most definitely an outie most the time.  Simon likes to poke it out.

Cravings: Anything edible at this point.  I love food, I love eating food, and I'm not too picky about food right now.

How I feel:  Pretty good most the time

Symptoms: Heartburn and reflux.  UGH!!!!  I am suffering through it with only Tums! Also forgetfulness and clumsiness.  Though those two hang around even when I'm not pregnant.

Best part of the week:  Getting alot done upstairs and letting the nesting take over.

Looking forward to: My birthday which is my next dr's appt, pre-k open house, and mighty mites registration!!!!

Simon could very possibly be here in 3 weeks!

My appointment last week was good.  The one noteworthy fact is that I am measuring 2 weeks behind.  This caused some minor panic, but was reassured that 2 weeks is okay.  If it becomes more than that, then we'll have an ultrasound and see what is going on with baby boy.  My ob seems to believe he's just a small baby.  And combined with the comments I've been getting lately I can almost believe that.  Several (10 at least) women have told me in the past week that I look tiny for 34 weeks.  Interesting to me, but I definitely appreciate the compliment.

I am feeling the increased need for rest and sleep.  15 minutes or so of activity can wear me out.  Standing still is more tiring than walking, though.  We took the boys to $1 day at the zoo last weekend.  I walked the entire zoo with my family, and pretty proud to still be able to do so.  And yes, I am pretty sure my husband was crazy for suggesting it, and I was crazy to go along.  It was fun, though.  And I realized that it is probably our last outing like that without pushing a stroller around.  Wow!!

Grief has reared it's ugly head more than once the past couple of weeks.  It tends to be more about anxiety and fear, but I know it's all related.  It seems the closer I get to holding my Baby Simon, the more anxiety pops up.  To be this close, and yet know we could still lose him is hard to swallow. I really try to enjoy the moments we have, but sometimes the fear just takes over. 

He still moves quite a bit.  About once a week or so he'll have a slow day and it nearly drives me over the edge.  I know he's running out of room in there, and that babies will have off days.  It's just scary.  He loves to push on my right hip.  It is becoming a little painful, and really have to wonder if it's in his way or something.  We still don't know if he's head down.  Hopefully next week we'll have a better idea. 

I have begun to pack our bags....slowly.  I'm not really sure what the deal is with me taking so much time.  But it'll be done in the next week or so.  I have the lists made out, just need to put it all together.  Also, we have yet to determine his coming home outfit.  Oh, I did order a really amazing onesie for him, and will likely have his newborn pictures taken in it.  If I have it next week, I post a picture and link.

We brought in baby stuff from storage last week. This is our old baby carrier.  We're getting a new one, but Ethan found this one.  He is carrying Lucas' monkey around in it. 

A smile for momma

This is the first toy we bought for Colton.  Even before we knew he was a boy. Willy and I both loved it.  Colton and Ethan have spent several 30 minutes sessions this past week playing with it.

Grandma went shopping.  Gotta love the Missouri State hoodie.  

Not sure why this is sideways, but here's more.  Love the feet of the sleepers.

Pictures from 33 and 34 weeks..  I see some growth there.

And a closer look. 

 Today was Colton's first day of 1st grade.  Expect a post and pics later. 

And anxiously awaiting the phone call from Dana's sister to say Emily is here safely.  So very excited for Dana and Ted to finally have lil' Emily in their arms!!!!!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

32 Weeks (8 months)

Eight months pregnant!  And boy am I feeling it this week.

Baby Size: 17 inches and 3 lbs

Weight Gain: 24 lbs

Innie or Outie:  Still not quite fully out yet

Symptoms:  Braxton Hicks contractions nightly.  And just beginning to feel sore.

How I feel:  Pretty good actually.  Some days I feel more pregnant than others. 

Best Part of Last Week:  Monster truck show with the family.  We really had a great time.

Looking forward to:  Date night with Willy.  And My 33 week appointment on Monday

We'll be having a baby next month!  It is so getting so close.  There are some days when I just can't wait to hold Simon in my arms.  I am really looking forward to having him here.  And the boys are getting excited also.  They know it's getting close.

I am having a hard time getting much done this week.  I am not sure if it is the heat, the allergy meds I've been taking (successfully fighting off bronchitis before it could set it), or just the feeling of being locked up.  I'm just in one of those week long funks, I think. 

Simon is still ever so active.  I look forward to the times during the day, and evening, when he is awake and spunky.  I am so grateful to have an active baby.  Even when the stretching around becomes a little painful.  Last night we were playing Rockband, and he was tapping the guitar to a completely different beat.  Made it a little interesting.

Not really a whole lot to share this week.  I have two close friends who are expecting their babies this month.  Super excited for them, and trying to patiently await the phone calls.  Please keep them (Dana and Rachel) and their babies in your thoughts and prayers.

32 weeks!!  Still sitting pretty high.

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