Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun Family Weekend

We had another fun-filled weekend.  This cooler weather is keeping us out of the house.  And I know that Simon is going to be here very soon, so I want the boys to really enjoy these last couple of weeks before things get crazy around here.

We decided to take the boys to the Brickcation set-up at Branson Landing this weekend.  It is FREE!!!!  And there's lots of shopping around, which is always fun for me.  There was even a trolley to ride one.  We really had a great time, and I found the most amazing chocolates ever.  Seriously melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

You'll have to forgive the poor quality of the photos.  I left the memory card to my camera in my computer.  I had to take pictures with my, not so top of the line, phone.  Also, we watched the Fire and Water show, loved it.  If you live anywhere close, this is definitely a great day outing!

Our first stop was the trolley. (After the restroom of course)

Colton in his lego pirate hat, digging for the perfect pieces for his racecar.

Ethan and his pirate hat.

Colton's first car. 

Ethan's train.  I helped him due to there being no instructions on how to build one.

The store front window.

Colton won this race. His car was really fast and went super straight. 

Ethan playing in the lego city that has been built by many, many visitors.

Colton's rocket car on display.  It is so neat that if you build something and want to display it, they'll  find a place on the shelves so everyone who comes in can see it. 

We hit up a couple parks over the weekend.  Last night we thought we'd go out for an hour or so and let the boys run off some energy.  I just really love this picture of Colton!

I enjoy weekends like this.  I have felt great all weekend, and hope that the next couple weekends are the same.

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