Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weeks 33 and 34

I missed last week.  I took the picture, along with some others. Then time just ran away, and I realized I'd just be better off waiting until this week.

Baby Size: 18-19 inches and almost 5 lbs

Weight Gain: Dr's notes say 31 lbs, but I think their starting weight is off...more like 28 lbs

Innie or Outie: Most definitely an outie most the time.  Simon likes to poke it out.

Cravings: Anything edible at this point.  I love food, I love eating food, and I'm not too picky about food right now.

How I feel:  Pretty good most the time

Symptoms: Heartburn and reflux.  UGH!!!!  I am suffering through it with only Tums! Also forgetfulness and clumsiness.  Though those two hang around even when I'm not pregnant.

Best part of the week:  Getting alot done upstairs and letting the nesting take over.

Looking forward to: My birthday which is my next dr's appt, pre-k open house, and mighty mites registration!!!!

Simon could very possibly be here in 3 weeks!

My appointment last week was good.  The one noteworthy fact is that I am measuring 2 weeks behind.  This caused some minor panic, but was reassured that 2 weeks is okay.  If it becomes more than that, then we'll have an ultrasound and see what is going on with baby boy.  My ob seems to believe he's just a small baby.  And combined with the comments I've been getting lately I can almost believe that.  Several (10 at least) women have told me in the past week that I look tiny for 34 weeks.  Interesting to me, but I definitely appreciate the compliment.

I am feeling the increased need for rest and sleep.  15 minutes or so of activity can wear me out.  Standing still is more tiring than walking, though.  We took the boys to $1 day at the zoo last weekend.  I walked the entire zoo with my family, and pretty proud to still be able to do so.  And yes, I am pretty sure my husband was crazy for suggesting it, and I was crazy to go along.  It was fun, though.  And I realized that it is probably our last outing like that without pushing a stroller around.  Wow!!

Grief has reared it's ugly head more than once the past couple of weeks.  It tends to be more about anxiety and fear, but I know it's all related.  It seems the closer I get to holding my Baby Simon, the more anxiety pops up.  To be this close, and yet know we could still lose him is hard to swallow. I really try to enjoy the moments we have, but sometimes the fear just takes over. 

He still moves quite a bit.  About once a week or so he'll have a slow day and it nearly drives me over the edge.  I know he's running out of room in there, and that babies will have off days.  It's just scary.  He loves to push on my right hip.  It is becoming a little painful, and really have to wonder if it's in his way or something.  We still don't know if he's head down.  Hopefully next week we'll have a better idea. 

I have begun to pack our bags....slowly.  I'm not really sure what the deal is with me taking so much time.  But it'll be done in the next week or so.  I have the lists made out, just need to put it all together.  Also, we have yet to determine his coming home outfit.  Oh, I did order a really amazing onesie for him, and will likely have his newborn pictures taken in it.  If I have it next week, I post a picture and link.

We brought in baby stuff from storage last week. This is our old baby carrier.  We're getting a new one, but Ethan found this one.  He is carrying Lucas' monkey around in it. 

A smile for momma

This is the first toy we bought for Colton.  Even before we knew he was a boy. Willy and I both loved it.  Colton and Ethan have spent several 30 minutes sessions this past week playing with it.

Grandma went shopping.  Gotta love the Missouri State hoodie.  

Not sure why this is sideways, but here's more.  Love the feet of the sleepers.

Pictures from 33 and 34 weeks..  I see some growth there.

And a closer look. 

 Today was Colton's first day of 1st grade.  Expect a post and pics later. 

And anxiously awaiting the phone call from Dana's sister to say Emily is here safely.  So very excited for Dana and Ted to finally have lil' Emily in their arms!!!!!

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