Thursday, August 23, 2012

35 Weeks (+2 days)

35 Weeks!  Wow, almost completely full term.  It's been 30 weeks since we found out we were expecting Baby #5.
Baby Size: 18.5 inches and 5.25 lbs.  Give or take
Weight Gain: 28 lbs.  (no weight gain between appointments this time)
Symptoms: Heartburn and reflux in the evenings.  The back pain is starting to set in some.  Along with the definite cervical pain from Simon's head pushing against it.  Even though he has dropped, I still have moments when I am very short of breath.  NESTING!!!!!  And Braxton Hicks contractions nightly.
Cravings: The most amazing chocolate that seems to only be found in Branson.  I am also craving orange crush soda.
How I feel: Pretty good for the most part.  Slightly in a panic at times with how close he really is.
Best Part of last week:  Hard to choose.  It' been a really good week. Simon is active.  Love it!!
Looking forward to: My baby shower on Saturday!!!
My 35 week appointment was on Monday.  I am still measuring two weeks behind, but she feels all is fine.  Simon is likely going to be a small baby.  They did the GBS swab (never fun), and she said she wanted to wait until next week to check me.  With my nightly contractions, she didn't want to encourage anything quite yet.  I had a lot of questions this time, since I tend to forget them at the other appointments.  Dr. L. was very patient with them and me.  She tried to reassure me the main concern that I should have right  now is that I go into labor on my own.  Everything else seems to be going as it should. 
I have been a nesting fool this week.  My house feels like it has transformed, and is getting ready for baby.  I am enjoying the nesting and the productivity. But, there truly isn't an evening that goes by, when I am resting, when the though, "Am I doing all this for nothing?" crosses my mind.  In the moment it all needs to be done.  But when things quiet down those thoughts creep in.  I've had to undo it all before, I really don't want to again.  Most the time I feel very confident Simon will arrive alive and healthy.  There are times, though, when I feel like I am just being oer-confident about it, that we just don't know.
I finally cut the tags off a few outfits this week.  They needed to be washed and packed.  I called a friend while doing it, so I could be distracted from what I was doing.  I remember with the other three pregnancies, I loved cutting off the tags.  Now it's a dreaded chore that I really want to put off until I know Simon will be wearing these clothes.  I hate this reality.
My baby shower is this weekend.  I am soooo excited for it to finally be here.  I am excited to know that we are two days away from making it to the shower.  Another milestone for us.  It also brings with it some anxiety.  I still have two more days for something to go wrong.  But we will be surrounded by friends and family on that day.  We will be celebrating Baby Simon, and really all we have been through the past two years.  These friends were by my side when Lucas and Caleb were born, they celebrated their lives with us a week later.  And they have prayed for Simon continuously throughout his life.  It's going to be a great day!!
I want to congratulate Dana and Ted on the birth of their beautiful rainbow, Emily.  After 5 losses, they finally got to bring home their beautiful baby girl.  She gives them hope, me hope, and so many other moms out there who have lost babies hope.  She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect.  Hearing her cry the other day really brought happy tears to my eyes. 

35 weeks belly.  Simon has dropped, though I think he just uses the extra room.

Whoot!  I love Scentsy! I love working for such an amazing company.  I found it perfect that they released this warmer in August, just in time for Simon.

Simon's bag is packed.

The dragonfly mirrors that hang from Simon's light.  Just noticed a light bulb is out.

The book Ethan picked out for Simon yesterday.  He said he will give it to him in the hospital when he is born.  I cried.

A video of Mr. Simon moving.  Pretty sure he was also cheering for the RAMS!  And he had the hiccups.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that video! It's always amazing to see a baby moving!!


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