Thursday, February 21, 2013

Turning it Off

That's right, we've turned the tv off.  Not completely.  But mostly.  And it has to be one of the best parenting decisions we've made.
My house is quieter.  There is less chaos.  My children listen and follow directions better.  They get along with each other better.  And all the toys they have get a lot more play time.  The best part is we are having some amazing family time together and making fun memories.  Love it!
So what are we doing?  No tv in the morning before school.  The older boy usually wake up and play until breakfast.  They eat breakfast in the kitchen while Willy and I make our juice (another post).  They finishing preparing for school and will work together often to empty the dishwasher.  If Ethan is off that day, he will help me some, we'll play a game or two.  He'll watch tv for 30 minutes or so while I make lunch, but that's it. 
After Colton is out of school, they watch Wildkrats for 30 minutes then the tv is back off.  Colton will read then Ethan will do his sight words.  I really enjoy this time with them.  And I'm not competing with the television.  After dinner the five of us just spend time together.  Usually it's playing a board game or with some of their toys. 
On the weekends we are finding fun stuff to do as a family.  We headed to the art museum a few weeks ago.  And we had a blast!  The boys really enjoyed it, more than I had anticipated.   We've built a rice krispie treat train together, worked on Valentine's last week, and headed to the park if it's nice out. 
I am truly enjoying all of it!  I am having so much fun with my children right now and wish we had done this sooner.  My house has an overall different feel about it. The boys are noticing the difference also.  They don't ask to watch tv much anymore.  They seriously turn it off themselves after Wildkrats and head to the playroom until it's time to work on school work.
Here are some pictures from the Rice Krispie Treat Train adventure!  This was so much fun!!

At first it was just to see if we could do it, and if it would make a difference in behavior.  Now we've made some other changes also.  Good changes that are sure to be permanent.  I love it, I love it, I love it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let's Be Honest

I have two types of mascara in my make-up drawer.  One is waterproof.  It is for the days I wake up not feeling confident in my feelings and for days when I know there might be a trigger.  The other is supposed to make my lashes look stronger and thicker.  It's not waterproof, but my eyes rock when I wear it.  Every morning when I put on my make-up, I think about what lies ahead for the day.  Will I need the waterproof stuff?  Will I be going somewhere that is likely to possess a trigger that will bring on the tears?  And 9 out of 10 times I am pretty right on with my choice.

Then there are days like today.  I looked at both tubes this morning.  I thought about how I have to drop off some Scentsy orders, make a run to the grocery, and have lunch with a great friend.  Looked like a good day to me.  The BIG mascara it was.  I applied it with confidence, the sun shining brightly through the kitchen window into the bathroom.

On my way out the door, I take a quick peek at facebook to check on a few posts I've been following, knowing it may be awhile before I get back home.  And there it was.
....we'd like to welcome two baby girls....
My heart jumped to my throat.  I have to be honest.  It still hurts sometimes.  I am  happy for every baby born healthy into this world.  I know how so many things have to go perfectly for that to happen.  I am happy for each momma who delivers a healthy set of multiples.  So much more has to go right for those miracles.  But it still stings my heart, because the words to describe Lucas and Caleb's birth was more like
....we are sorry to say that two more babies went to Heaven....
Then, as I feel what I am feeling, I feel guilty for not being able to overcome the rush of grief and just be happy for this momma.  Grief can be stronger than happiness at times.  I know I can be happy for her, and sad for me at the same time. 
I am amazed how quickly the clouds roll in.  I used to run away from them, hoping to not let the rain pour down.  But I've learned in order to dance in this rain, I also have to be able to walk through it. 
So I am going to go wash off my war battle paint (thanks Danielle), and then I will re-apply the BIG mascara, trying to think positive.  Today still has potential to be a good day.  Then I will hug and kiss on my Simon, holding him tightly.
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