Photos of Lucas & Caleb

Here are the pictures my dad took at the hospital.  I found out a week and a day after Lucas and Caleb's first birthday that he had taken them.  Dad thought I knew, so it was never brought up.  This is such an amazing gift.  Below are some of the better ones taken with his phone.
A close up of Lucas right after my c-section.

 Me sleeping with my baby in my arms.  There was so much comfort having my baby boy.

 Caleb in the NICU.  Willy and Dad were able to see him first thing in the morning and Dad took the oppurtunity to take some pictures.  It has bothered me for quite some time that I had none of him in the NICU. 

My Caleb and his long legs.  He was such a beautiful baby boy.  I think he looks like Colton in this picture.  It's taken me until now to see past the pain and be able to realize who Lucas and Caleb looked like.

 The moment after they handed me Caleb.  The first time, almost 24 hours after he was born, that I got to hold him.
 Willy and I soaking in every detail.  The pictures with Willy really bring tears to my eyes. 
 From left to right: Gary, Mom, Dru (Willy's mom), Willy, Me, Caleb.   We really were surrounded by so much love.  Lucas and Caleb are two very much loved little boys.
 Lucas.  The only full body picture.  I never unwrapped him.  I've carried the guilt of not knowing how he looked from the chest down, and now I know.  You can really tell the effects of the TTTS on his poor body. 
 Me and my perfect little baby boys.  Feeling so very sad.
 I was feeling some peace here.  Really soaking in the time I had with BOTH my babies.

And more tears.

These pictures bring back so many memories.  True memories and true moments.  They remind me all this really happened to me and my family.  But I am ever so grateful to have them.  There are no words to describe how I feel about these pictures.


Here are some of the pictures the nurses at the hospital took for us.  They weren't able to reach anyone from NILMDTS, so they were kind enough to take these and more.  We are so grateful to them for taking the picutres and putting them on a cd for us to always have.

You can see the hair Caleb already had

Caleb's really long fingers, so perfect!

These are the booties Caleb had on his feet.  I laughed when I first saw them.  They reminded me of Christmas stockings we once had

Me holding Caleb.  He was so tiny and fragile.

Caleb with his smile

Lucas while he was in my arms

Lucas' feet, also so perfect!

I really like this one.

Lucas and the bracelet they made for him

The twins with their bracelets

Lucas and Caleb, together forever

Me holding my babies together.  I dreamed of this for so long, just not like this. 
Mommy loves and misses you!!
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