Monday, July 14, 2014

Benjmin-22 Weeks

22 Weeks, wow how they have passed by so quickly.  We've been so busy this summer, and now there are only FOUR weeks left.  I hate that I haven't posted here much.  I've wanted to, but finding the time has been difficult.  And with the computer upstairs now, it's just hard to steal away long enough to do it.  My hope is that along with some Scentsy business I need to be working on, I can also spend more time up here catching the blog up.

So, at 22 weeks I am feeling pretty good.  Benjamin has become incredibly active and strong.  I feel him often, and sometimes receive a pretty strong jab that makes me gasp out loud.  We haven't really prepared much for him, as we are really hoping to be in a new house sometime soon.  But I am more and  more excited everyday for this little boy to be a part of our family.

Speaking of little boy, boy number six.  I couldn't be any happier to be welcoming another baby boy.  I was caught off guard, kind of.  But I am truly a mom of boys. We decided to do a surprise gender reveal at our birthday bash this year.  And while I know it went off beautifully, I am pretty sure I wouldn't do it again.  I have some control issues, and being completely in the dark for nearly a week just about did me in.  Melanie was the friend who we chose to know and plan it.  And I couldn't have asked for any better. 

The night before I was crying and cranky and just flipping out a little.  I felt so sure Turkey was a girl, this pregnancy has been do different.  I knew it could be a little boy in there, but I was afraid of how I might react if so.  Try again, I was terrified.  75+  people were going to be watching my reaction, and I never in a million years wanted this baby to think I was disappointed.  I spent quite a bit of time praying for grace.  And God so gave me that grace.  There were no tears, and I really didn't feel let down at all. At the very last moment, I knew the balloons would be blue. And I truly felt good about it. 

We had our official anatomy scan on the July 3rd.  Benjamin looks perfect, absolutely perfect.  The sonographer really took her time, so we were able to really watch him as him moved around.  We were given several pictures and even a video of him flicking his finger at us.  Truly love him so very much!

So, here are some pictures from the past month or so to share.

 The only dress I can wear when pregnant.  Taken last Friday.
 Also taken on Friday
My view looking down on the Fourth of July.  Benjamin spent three days hanging out the left and my belly looked as though it pointed to the left.
Next post will hopefully be a ton of pictures from the birthday bash.

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