Do's and Don'ts

Platitudes and Responses

I really like how this one reads. As a mommy who has lost her babies, I heard several of these. I wish I would have had some of the responses at hand. For friends and family, it's okay to think some of these things, but they are the last things babylost parents want or need to hear.

Do's and Don'ts
A very comprehensive list of do's and don'ts for friends and family. Although after a few weeks I didn't mind hearing, "You're doing so well."

Care vs Cure
This is really well written

What we wish you knew about pregnancy loss
A letter written from a woman to her friends and family.

Glow in the Woods Letter
This is the first post I read that was directed to friends and family.  It is so well written.  When I read it I thought, "He really gets me."  The comments from other bereaving parents are also very helpful.

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