Thursday, August 16, 2012

Colton's First Day 1st Grade

WOW!  I can't believe my Colton is in first grade.  He has been so excited all summer long to be a first grader.  I have been excited for him.  But, honestly, yesterday was harder for me than the first day of Kindergarten was.  I am sure hormones play a role, but I had to fight hard to keep tears away.  (I didn't wear waterproof mascara) Walking him in and seeing workbooks on his desk, it really hit me. Colton is a big kid now.  He is growing up, spending most of his day in class learning.  He walked up to friends from last year, giving them high fives.  How cool!!  But it really seems like he's growing up so fast.  I miss him during the day, although I am appreciative for the routine we're back in.  And when I asked Ethan yesterday what he wanted to do all day,  he answered with, "Sit on the couch with you, mommy, and watch tv."  My kind of day.

Colton had a great first day back.  He was disturbed some by there not being any toys in the classroom like there has been for the past three years.  He had fun though.

One of my favorite smiles.  Love my blue-eyed boy!!  I am the luckiest person in the world to see this smile every day!

I just like this picture.

I forget what he was doing here, besides trying to be goofy.  Looks like he's going to take off flying through the air.

Showing off his new kicks.

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