Friday, June 29, 2012

27 weeks (3 days)

Wow, I am getting later and later every week.  Sorry about that.  I really have no excuse for this week.  Just haven't been at the computer much at all.

Baby Size: 14.5 inches and 2 lbs.  Simon is getting chunkier.

Weight Gain:  We'll go with 20 lbs even. Will know for sure next week.

Symptoms: Heartburn is setting in around 3am or so nightly.  Nothing uncontrollable yet, so I am grateful.  The heat is killer down here, so there is some swelling in my ankles and feet at nigh. Nothing picture worthy yet.  I am also staring to wear down quicker.  I almost feel like I wake up tired some mornings.

Innie or Outie:  Closer to flat than in.  The boys have been commenting on how my belly button is disappearing.

The best part of last week:  Rearranging rooms in my house, therefore becoming more ready for Simon to make his appearance.  I feel relieved to have the big moving of furniture over with.

What I am looking forward to: Celebrating the fourth of July pregnant.  A holiday I should have spent pregnant with Lucas and Caleb, and didn't.  I can't wait to see if Simon responds to the loud booms!

This past week has just been plain HOT.  I feel like a prisoner in my home, trying to stay out of this heat.  And I am sure the boys feel the same way.  They have been so good this week, playing together.  But I can sense the end of that coming quickly.

Last weekend I had a few hours of baby panic.  I realized just how close we are getting to meeting Simon.  And how many things still needed to be done, both Simon related and others.  That night Willy moved all our living room and dining room furniture around for me.  I love, love, love it!  And I feel a little more ready for our new little man.

I am feeling more frequent (didn't think it possible) and different movement now.  This morning it felt like Simon was having a ping pong tournament in my belly.  I feel him all over at the same time.  And it's not just the jabs anymore, there is a ton of all over shifting.  Also, Ethan finally felt him move yesterday for the first time.  The grin on his face was just wonderful.

27 weeks pregnant.

Shoes that Ethan had to buy for Baby Simon.  They match his Sketchers.

I bought a nursing cover with a coupon and gift card I had.  I forgot to register for one and thought it would be a smart buy.  They didn't really make these when Colton and Ethan were born, and I remember the frustration of trying to cover up in public.

A onesie we bought for Dru's house.  I forgot we bought it and came across it the other day.  Not that I get cranky very often, but fun just the same. hehe

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  1. You look beautiful! I love my nursing cover so much!!


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