Saturday, March 6, 2010

Apple and Blueberry

Well, we decided we don't like the names Baby A and Baby B when referring to the twins, so we are going to call them Apple and Blueberry. And in going along with the "fruit" theme, they are the size of limes this week.

I am feeling great! My energy has come back and I am eating normally again. Although I really have no desire for any junk food. There are cinammon rolls, chocolate donuts, and cookies in my house and I would rather eat the grapes, cantalope, and salad. It makes it easier to eat healthy, which is really nice.

The boys are doing pretty well, now. Colton was sick for part of the week, but he's currently running around chasing Ethan.

Here is a picture of my belly at 12 weeks pregnant. It seems as though it is growing every day.

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