Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day of School

Summer has come to an end, and we're settling into routine nicely.  Waking up at 6:00 or 6:30 is going to be a tough one for awhile, but we'll get it.  And we are 3 for 3 on arriving at school on time.

 Here are the three boys on their last summer morning hanging out. Only Ethan is dressed.
I woke up super early to make them their requested first day of school breakfast, cowboy coffee cake.  Boy, it was early, as in the sun wasn't up yet.  But I was able to spend the time alone praying for the boys and coming to terms with my emotions.  Cause let's be honest, this momma's heart was not ready to let Ethan go.  In some ways, he is still my baby boy.  His "space" amongst the siblings has been complicated.  He was the baby, then we were preparing him for being a big brother, and then he was the baby again, with the extra attention that came with my very shattered heart.  Then along comes Simon, who is the baby of the family now, but Ethan still has a piece of that also.  Complicated, I know.  More about all that another day.
Anyway, Ethan woke up by himself.  He came down ready to go.

 Ethan with his backpack on and pajamas. 
We ate breakfast together, kind of rushing, finished getting ready, and were out the door by 7:20.  We thought we'd all walk together on the first day.  A time to spend together, and prepare for the day ahead.  But first I wanted to take their first day of school pictures.

 I am confident that his sign will still say Train Engineer his senior year.

Things were a little confusing this year.  With the additions to the school and such, even veteran parents were trying to figure things out.  We took Colton to class first. I barely got a hug from him.
 My big boy second grader....what has happened to the time??
Then we headed around the corner to Ethan's class, who weren't in the classroom yet. 
 This momma had to ask a couple of times for this picture.
 Trying to wait patiently. 
Ethan was sooo ready for this!  He even asked if he could walk in the school by himself.  He was pumped and ready to go.  We walked into the classroom, he gave his gift to Mrs. Toomey, then went to find his seat.  The. World. Stopped.   He did not, in any way, want to sit next to a girl.  It wasn't Catie.  There was no way he was sitting there.  He chose a seat right next to his chair at the computer. And he started to tear up.  He wanted to come home with me.  And snuggle.  I had to find Daddy for reinforcements on this one.  My heart pulled so much.
 Daddy reassuring Ethan that it'll all work out.
After a few minutes, Mrs. Bailey came over to sit with him.  We left and watched from the hall for a few minutes.  The soft sobs turned into a pout.  And I left, heavy hearted.  I worried all day about that boy.  Every time my phone rang, I just knew it was a teacher.  But no one called.
I was so excited to head back to pick up the boys.  I watched with all the other parents for them to walk out the door. I was excited and anxious to hear about their first day.
And this is how my Ethan greeted me.
 There are absolutely no words to describe the emotions I feel every time I see this picture.
Their day was great!

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