Friday, November 22, 2013

Busy, just plain busy

I really don't have a great excuse for not writing here. I've written a couple of posts, then saved them.  But never came back to post them.  Trust me, there's a lot of tears poured into them during the dark several days after Grandma passed.  Now that I am back to feeling "normal" again, I, we, are just plain busy.

I'm watching a friend's precious baby boy, Luke, 40 hours a week right now.  He is almost 11 weeks old and just adorable.  But he keeps me more on my toes, and yet I still a on board with having a little brother or sister for Simon some day.

With the holidays coming up, my mind is swarming with to-do lists, guest lists, and activities that have lined up.  I'm on this kick of not eating dinner out, which means I am spending more time in the kitchen....which is consistently the cleanest it's ever been for almost a week now.  Top that off with a walking running 14 month old, I am wiped out most evenings. 

Colton and Ethan are doing great in school.  I am such a proud momma!  They really enjoy school, and are great at it.  I love hearing the new things they learn, and new knowledge also surfaces at the funniest times. 

And since Simon is walking, they have officially welcomed him to the pack.  I love love love to watch the three of them wrestle on the floor together.  It is the just amazing to watch.  And if Ethan and Colton are messing around on the floor, Simon will come running across and body slam on top of them. 

And my Scentsy/Velata business is booming big time.  I can finally really see the possibilities with this company!  I am having a great time, meeting more new people, and making some real money. I love it, and can't wait to see what lies ahead!

Here are a few pictures, we haven't taken many.  Simon had his first haircut a week ago.  It went well, and we all went swimming afterwards.  That first haircut is always hard.  It's that last step between being a baby and a toddler.  And there are always a couple of tears to wipe away.


Bye bye to the curls.  I couldn't get a good picture of the really curly curls on the other side.

 Simon likes to cuddle after he wakes up.  I love the time with him!
Simon on his slide.  The rash on his face is from the pineapple he tried at lunch.  Poor kiddo.
 Simon and his favorite book.
 Thought I would take a picture of Simon sleeping with a different train book, then realized he was sleeping with his eyes OPEN.  Creeped me out a little.
Just have to share the warmer of the month for December.  I love the lampshade collection, and this warmer is just gorgeous.










  1. Sleeping with his eyes open? Yeah...that would freak me out! He's a cutie!

    Understand all too well about being busy and not being able to write.

  2. Sleeping with his eyes open -- I guess Simon didn't want to miss out on anything going on! I agree with your friends -- he is adorable!


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