Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weeks 37 and 38

38 weeks and 2 days pregnant!  I can't believe we're right here at the end.  And time is still going by pretty quickly.
Baby Size: 19 inches 7 lbs or so
Weight Gain: 34 lbs
Symptoms: Everything that happens at the end.  Hungry, heartburn, reflex, insomnia, exhaustion, restlessness, aches, moody....most of all so excited to be here, at 38 weeks, with a healthy baby boy still growing.
How I feel: Ready to hold my baby boy in my arms
Cravings: Anything sweet.
Best Part of last week: Having a trial run to L&D.  Even though they sent me home, it gave me an idea of the emotions that will come with it.
Looking forward to: Impending labor????
Well, we are here at the end.  I am still very much pregnant and feel like a ticking time bomb.  I am grounded to Springfield.  Yesterday and today I have started having contractions around noon.  Yesterday they became pretty regular, then once again fizzled out after 8 hours or so.  They were never regular enough to head to L&D though.  Today they are still building, though they are already feeling a little more intense.  But I won't get my hopes up.  I know it's probably still going to be next week before Simon makes his grand entrance.
I find it hard to make the time to sit and write the past couple of weeks.  My attention span is pretty short unless I'm curled up on the couch with a book, or cleaning around the house.  Everything is pretty much ready, I just feel that need to be doing something. I still have a few meals left to prepare and freeze.  And then just the daily straightening up of stuff around the house.
The boys are getting antsy.  I can tell the excitement they feel.  There's a bit more bickering between them, and they also don't seem to be able to sit still much.  Everyone really seems to be anticipating Mr. Simon.  And as much as I am ready for him to be here, and as uncomfortable as I am....I still enjoy these last days.  
37 weeks

38 weeks
 First Sunday at church is name tag Sunday.  They thought Simon is ready for his, also.

The sign Dru found at Michael's.  I added the owl stickers.  How perfect...a star for Lucas and Caleb, and an owl for Colton, Ethan, and Simon.  
I finally found the perfect fabric for his closet curtains.  Thank you, Dru, for putting them together for me.

Rachel received two of these hats from her aunt.  She was kind enough to give one to Simon.  Thank you ever so much!!
Simon's name on his wall! 
I  think he has enough clothes now.
And here is the onesie I've been waiting for a month to arrive.  When I saw it on Dana' blog, I knew we just had to have one for Simon.  I cannot put into words the emotions I feel every time I look at this and picture my baby boy wearing it. 

Well, next week I'll either be posting a 39 week picture of Simon's newborn pictures.  Any guesses which it will be??

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  1. Carrie, I am so excited for you! I flipped when I saw your facebook page. It seems like Simon is wanting to stay inside for a little bit longer. I am going to guess the 24th. :) I love all of your pictures so much. Your bump is beautiful, and the rainbow onesie made me teary eyed. So perfect. Your rainbow is almost here, Carrie! I can't wait to see pictures of your baby boy!


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