Friday, October 5, 2012

Catching Up: Ethan's First Day of Pre-K

I figure since I am sitting here, waiting for Simon's 10:30 feeding that I could start to catch up on some of the posts I missed the last couple months of my pregnancy. 
Ethan started Pre-K the last week of August.  This year was so different for me than last year was.  Last year I cried for days.  I cried some because my little Ethan was growing up.  I cried mostly for who we were missing.  The fact that I was home alone 3 days a week when I shouldn't have been tore me up every day when I dropped off Ethan.  I was sooo not ready for that season.  This year, Simon was on his way.
Ethan's first day this year was exciting.  Pre-K is such a HUGE deal to him.  He still doesn't seem big enough to be 5, let alone less than a year away from Kindergarten.  He's still my goofy little guy, with that zest for laugh and crazy laugh.  I really hope he enjoys this year.

This sign does say he wants to be a cowboy.  He wears a too small cowboy hat all the time, so who knows.

Flipping his backpack

Showing off his awesome backpack.
He wanted to do a fun picture, and this is as creative as he was feeling.

I really, truly love this little-big boy. He just melts my heart, as he does with anyone who meets him.

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