Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 Weeks Old

WOW! I can't believe 2 weeks have gone by.  2 weeks ago this moment (4:26pm) I was dilated 8 cm and they knew he would be here quickly.  They were pushing the last bit of antibiotics into my iv and calling my doctor.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday, yet others it feels like he's always been here.
This Week's Firsts: Cloth diaper, tear shed, coo, laugh, trip to Colton's school, trip to grandma and grandpa's, trip to to Toys R Us (if only he knew what we bought), and tummy time.
Best Moment: When I pick him up and he stops crying. It is so hard to choose, I love every single moment with him.
Cutest Moment: When he laughed in his sleep today.
How He's Sleeping: We only wake up once through the night now.  At 3am
What Surprised Us: How alert he has become the past couple of days.
This past week has been just as wonderful!  Monday was my first day with Willy at work.  I was really anxious about it, but it went really well.  Simon is already on a schedule, and seems to be doing great.  I hate how much time he spends in his car seat, to schools and back, but he doesn't seem to mind.
Our mornings are still a little hectic.  I get up earlier than the big boys to feed Simon, then they eat breakfast and so on.  Yesterday I almost sent Colton to school without lunch.  But we're getting the hang of it.
Simon had his two week appointment today.  He is 8lbs 13oz now and 22.5 inches!!!  I had been concerned about his spitting up, but he's gaining weight well, so we're not going to worry much.  It seems as though the spitting up may have more to do with my oversupply of breast milk than an upset tummy.  We're giving things another week.  If things don't even out, the consultant and I will try a few things to see if it helps some. 
We went out to Mike and Dru's on Sunday to meet the great-grandparents on Daddy's side.  It was really a fun visit.  I was a little concerned about going at first.  I'm not always very willing to share Simon with a bunch of people at once.  I am still clinging on to him quite a bit.  But I felt better as the night went on, and we really had a good time.

Here are some pictures from the last week:
Sleeping so peacefully in mommy's arms
Daddy was supposed to be helping him fall asleep.

Our first tummy time.

And here is one where daddy was supposed to be trying to wake him up.

Simon's first time in the Mei Tei carrier.  LOVE this carrier!!

Much more awake for tummy time.

Our first cloth diaper try.
Ethan reading Simon a book.  A fabulous big brother!

My sleeping baby.

Here are a few sneak peeks at his newborn pictures.
 Love love love this one!!

Well, time to feed and change littlest man.


  1. Oh My Gosh - I love the Newborn Pictures.... Actually all of them, what a cutie Carrie. Can't wait to meet him. I'll be rooming with Danielle the month of December, so I'll have to come by :)

  2. What a darling! Love the photo of Simon snuggling with Daddy -- great photo of Willie and his newest son! And the one of Ethan doing his big brother job is just precious too!
    -- Rita

  3. He is such a sweet baby! Carrie you are a pro at being a mommy. I need your tips!


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