Monday, March 24, 2014

Some Randomness for a Monday

We've been busy around here.  The house is still on the market.  We did have a couple look at it last week, but the layout is different from what they are looking for.  We were disappointed, but we know the right buyer is out there.  Hopefully this awful weather will go away soon and spring weather will bring in more buyers. 

Spring break was the week before last.  We had a ton of fun with the boys, doing something nearly every day.  We headed to Castle Rock on Wednesday of spring break.  I'll have to post more about that later with some of the underwater pictures we took.  Willy has the USB cord for the camera with him, so not today.  But the boys had a blast.   I took Simon to the zoo on that Tuesday while the big boys visited Grandma, and I know we did a lot more.  But right now my mind is drawing a blank.

Ethan starts soccer soon, and Colton will be starting baseball in a few weeks.  It looks to already be a busy spring, and I'm excited to see the boys play sports they really enjoy.  There's also a cub scouts camping trip coming up in April.  And Colton turns EIGHT next month.  How is it that eight years have passed since I became a momma to that wonderful blonde boy?

Simon is Simon.  He is as stubborn as ever, but full of laughs and smiles.  He brings me books all day long so we can read together.  I love his love for books.  We've had to tape the binding of three books this past week.  All three of them were favorites of the big boys.  Taped bindings equals much love in this house.  He also is all about anything with animals.  I could call him obsessed sometimes.

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks:
I was asked to go with Ethan's class to see Dinosaur Train Live last week.  We had so much fun!

Willy's birthday was last week.  We celebrated with dinner at Rib Crib on Tuesday.  And again on his birthday with his favorite meal at home and ice cream cake.

Ethan has "found his balance" on the skateboard.  He has been working really hard to be able to ride it.  I love his determination.


Simon feeding the goats and donkeys at the zoo.  This kid stood here for 30 minutes feeding the animals.

Simon and Kye playing together. 
Colton, Ethan, and Willy riding Go-Karts at Incredible Pizza over spring break.

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