Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm still here...

It's been way too long since I've posted.  I've sat down and started FOUR different posts, only to stop mid-way and never finish them.  We're doing great.  We're super busy with school and snow days left and right.  I'm chasing Simon everywhere, and the sound of his feet through my house just melts my heart.  Here's some tidbits from our past month.

We have put our house on the market.  We really, really want to move to a bigger house with land around it.  With three boys, we need the room for them to run and explore.  We have found a house out in Rogersville that has our hearts.  It just feels like home to us. Now we're just waiting for ours to sell so we can buy it.  Happy thoughts and prayers for a quick sell are very much appreciated right now.

Simon is 17 months old now, going on 2 years old.  He is pretty sure he can do anything the big boys can do, and he tries most of the time.  He is pretty sure the universe revolves around him.  He loves to be on the lap of whoever is talking at any time.  His transition to a toddler bed has been more than I could ever have hoped for.  He goes right to sleep when we put him down.  And he stays in his bed until we come in when he wakes up.  We are also forming a pretty good grip on his allergies.  I feel so much better about them all.  I found an Easter bunny for him this morning.  Love the internet!  I hope to start posting some of our allergy friendly recipes soon.  I really want to share some of the awesome things we have found for him.

The big boys are doing great in school.  Spring break starts today and I am so excited for the fun days we have planned here and there.  And I am incredibly grateful the warmth of spring has finally decided to arrive.  Colton is doing great with cub scouts, and Ethan is preparing to play soccer.  Spring is going to be busy around here also.

I have taken on a 20 Challenge with Scentsy.  My goal is to promote to Director by the end of June.  I KNOW it's possible.  I'm  working pretty hard right now to jump into it right.  Let me know if you want to help by hosting a party.  There's some pretty amazing benefits right now for hostesses.

Here are a few pictures from February.  Can't close without posting a few.

 The boys dressed up for the 1950's sock hop that was held for the HABIT superheroes at school.
 Simon choosing an apple over cotton candy.
 Selfie with the big boys.
 First time driving Go-Karts!
 Simon was having a bad seasonal allergy day.
 Simon loving his new bed.
 First night asleep in his new bed.
 Meet Fred.  You will see a lot more of Fred.  He was bought for my mom, but Simon stole him out of the bag.  Sorry, mom.
 The three boys playing trains together.  This picture is so bittersweet.  The hole there is so real.
 Grandma Jo Jo reading to Simon on his birthday.
Simon and Emily.  These two are going to have a blast growing up together.

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