Wednesday, November 5, 2014

38 weeks

Monday was officially 38 weeks for this little man growing inside. We're getting so close to meeting him. I'm hopeful he makes his appearance sometime next week.  I haven't enjoyed this pregnancy as much as I have the others. My body is older and this is pregnancy number FIVE in EIGHT years. Not to mention the three boys that we're chasing around. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant and have another baby, but I'm being honest in saying I'm ready for the next season of life.

We're pretty much ready for Benjamin. Bags are packed, there are meals in the freezer, and a package of diapers in the nursery. The boys are excited, though Simon has no idea what's about to happen. He's been part of the big boy club for about a month now. He spends most of his time following Colton and Ethan around, doing what they're doing. And they are doing pretty well in including him.

This fall has been busy, making this third trimester fly by. We've had a ton of fun, and still have a full calendar ahead of us. I'm so excited to meet this little guy, but I'm nervous about how the dynamics are going to change. Perhaps more nervous than with the other boys. It's going to be an adventure, that's for sure.

Here are a few pictures to wrap this up. Maybe the next post will be to introduce Mr. Benjamin.

38 weeks and enjoying fall wardrobe
 The Halloween haul from the boys this year.

 The blanket and canopy cover aunt Jamie made for lil Benjamin. So in love with this!
 3 am acrobatics starring Benjamin.

 The boys carving pumpkins. Simon refused to touch the pumpkin guts.

My Halloween costume this year.  My husband is quite talented.

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  1. Love your Halloween costume -- Willie is a great artist!


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