Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Week With Benjamin

Wow!  I can't believe Benjamin has been here a week already.  This time goes by so incredibly fast.  I try to capture all the amazing moments, but I know many will fade in time.  We are finally beginning to settle in some.  It's been a tough transition.  Going from three to four boys in this house.  I am fairly confident that all the moms who have four plus children lied to me when they said two to three was the hardest, after that it was a piece of cake.  I think it's a ploy to convince other moms to join the four plus club.  The chaos that seems to set in in the afternoons and evenings can be overwhelming.  But, we're getting there.  Everyone is getting used to the new normal for our house.

About his first week.  Well, he didn't really sleep for the first three days.  Only at 20 minute intervals through the day and night.  The first 24 hours we had no access to a pacifier.  And this boy likes to have something in his mouth to fall asleep with.  He spits it out soon after falling asleep, but needs it to get there.  And I was informed at 2:30am that the hospital no longer has pacifiers as part of their "baby friendly" policy.  Google it, I did at 3:00am after cooling down a little from the frustration of not being able to settle my newest baby to sleep.

Anyway, it wasn't until my milk came in that Benjamin began to sleep better.  He would sleep for 20 or so minutes, wake up a little, cry (this boy screams more than cries), and settle back down for another 20 minutes after some rocking or patting.  The first two nights at home he "slept" in his swing next to my bed.  Anyone who knows me well, knows how desperate for sleep I had to be for that to happen.  Now he's sleeping in his bed, in his room, for 2-3 hours at a time at nights.  And what a difference those intervals of sleep make when it comes to the overall atmosphere of our home.

We went in for a weight check on Monday.  He was down to 8lbs1oz from 8lbs10oz at birth. But color looks great, he's nursing really well, and has plenty of wet and dirty diapers that they aren't concerned.  He goes back on the 8th for his two week check-up.

The boys are all enjoying  him.  The bigs love to hold him every chance they get.  Ethan is very helpful around the house and more aware of things in general.  Simon is always excited to see Benjamin (Benbaby).  He tries to play with him some, and loves to help to burp him.  

Today Colton had an orthodontist appointment and Willy had another appointment.  I had to take all four boys out by myself.  And we managed to arrive early.  Granted some of the early was due to me having the time wrong, but we made it early just the same.  And everyone was happy without any problems in the waiting room.  It took a little advance planning on my end. Like getting across the parking lot with all four boys without someone getting hit by a car.  But we succeeded.

Benjamin's personality so far seems to match from what I gathered while carrying him.  He is very unique from the other boys.  He's picky in how he's swaddled, he seems generally happy, but when he's upset, he's very upset.  He is such a joy, though.  I love how he looks at me and just seems to know it's all okay.  And makes me feel that it's all okay.

Here are some pictures from the week.  I'll post his birth story soon.  It was a great labor and short delivery.

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