Thursday, May 13, 2010

22 weeks


Gestation: 22 weeks

Uterus measuring: 28 weeks

Weights: Lucas 1lb and Caleb 1lb1oz

Girth: 48 inches

Weight Gain: 24.5 lbs

Food of the week: Vanillla Ice Cream with strawberries and reeses pieces, all covered with chocolate syrup

I had my 22 week check up today. The boys look great and sounded great! I seem to have more fluid than normal, making my uterus a little bigger than normal. I should measure about 26 weeks, but am measuring at 28 weeks. My doctor is going to bring me in more often and keep me within 100 miles of home. I have also been having braxton hicks contractions daily. She said it is normal and with the extra fluid I will probably even have contractions earlier. If I have 6 or more in an hour, I am to go to L&D. And I have been told to just take it easy.

Lucas is lying across my cervix, which is where he has been for quite awhile. His head is pretty low, which I feel quite often. He is already stubborn and wouldn't give us a good profile view, though. Caleb is up high with his head resting on my lungs. Which I often feel, also.

The past couple of week have been kind of rough. I hurt much more and am having a hard time being on my feet for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. It also seems as though my ankles are beginning to disappear. Which isn't something I've experienced with the other 2 pregancies.

Willy has been extra helpful, which I am grateful for. Colton came down with strep throat, but seems to be better, but it looks as though Ethan may have it now. On the flip side, Ethan is finally potty trained making things a little easier on me.


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