Friday, May 28, 2010

First trip to Labor and Delivery

Gestation: 24 weeks

Weight Gain: 34.5 lbs

Food of the week: Coke...I haven't liked Coke for years, but I actually crave it now

Twins length: Approx. 12.5 inches each

Twins weight: Approx. 1.5 lbs each

Well, Tuesday evening, Willy and I had to go to Labor and Delivery due to my having contractions every 4 minutes for 2 hours. By the time they hooked me up, I was having them every 2 minutes for about 25-30 seconds each time. Since they were under 40 seconds and weren't dilating me any, the dr. classified them as Braxton Hicks. They decided to go ahead and keep me overnight for observation to make sure they dikdn't turn in to real contractions. We learned around 3 am or so that if I laid on my right or left side, they would stop, but as soon as I was on my back, sitting up, or standing, they would start back up. They are saying that due to my extra amniotic fluid my uterus is irritated. I will probably contract pretty regularly until the twins arrive. Great times! At least at this point I can say that I am starting to get used to them for the most part. The evenings can be pretty rough, and the nights are pretty long.

The other part of our trip was watching The Great Twin Hunt. Twice the nurses had to find their heartbeats, have them at the same time, for a minute. Both times took 45 minutes to accomplish this feat. They brought in an ultrasound machine to locate them, then would quickly switch to the monitor to get their heart rate. The boys moved TONS, which made it hard to hear. There would be one nurse keeping tabs on Lucas and another looking for Caleb. As soon as she found Caleb for 5 seconds or so, Lucas would move around. It was hard not to laugh at the boys, and when I did it made tons of noise also. Both times when we finally caught them, their heart rates were great.

I was sent home Wednesday morning without bedrest orders. I am so relieved to still have the freedom to get up when I want and my body lets me. My OB said to take it really easy, which I am. Speaking of which, it is time I get back to my post on the couch. My back is screaming and contractions are kicking up some.

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