Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Visit

A few weeks ago we had the Harts and Gipsons over for brinner (breakfast for dinner).  It had been so long since we had been able to spend an evening like this.  We ate TONS of food, the kids played together, and the adults enjoyed each others company.  At one point chocolate was mentioned. So we pulled out the candy box.  Well, we ended up dumping it out on the table.  Lots of fun was had and way too much candy was eaten.  Kristan took this photo of all our fun.

Look closely between Ken (far left) and Sam (holding Baby Morgan).  This picture was taken in the dining room where we keep Lucas and Caleb's ashes.  Absolutely amazing.  I cannot find the word to describe how they make me feel.

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  1. Amazing picture. I didn't realize that Caleb's and Lucas' ashes were kept in the same room when we talked. It makes me love it even more!

    And calling breakfast for dinner "brinner" is brilliant. I'm going to use it, and maybe take the credit for the name :)


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