Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Pictures

It is snowing outside.  I love it!  Ethan is lying in the chair in the living room with the stomach "plague" that has made its way around Springfield.  I was hoping we would steer clear of it, but no luck there.  Colton had some problems on Tuesday but not like this.  I feel for the little guy.  And I am keeping him very far from Simon. Not sure how I would handle Simon catching this.
On Tuesday night we finally were able to have our family pictures taken.  We've rescheduled them a couple of times and time was running out.  I am mailing out Christmas cards this year (today), and I wanted to include our family picture.
Without much more to say, here are some of my favorites!

I like this one so much and think we'll just make it his 3 month photo.  We'd only buy one pose anyway, and he'll be three months old in less than a week. (Oh dear, where has time gone?)

Love, love, love this picture!!!  Simon was actually cracking up here.  And I love how Ethan had reached down to hold his hand.

I love that I can get him to smile much more easily now.

Ethan didn't have pictures taken at school this year, so this worked out perfectly!

So much better than his school picture!

I spent 6 weeks or more finding the right shirts for everyone.  I found Simon's sweater first and worked around it.  I love how everything came together so well, and that we were able to make it in for our pictures.


  1. Great photos! Hope Ethan will be better soon and no one else comes down with it for the holidays! Merry Christmas! -- Rita

  2. Beautiful family, and such great pictures!


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