Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random November Photos

Wow! November is over and I am still playing catch-up.  I was really enjoying writing daily (almost) then everything became crazy, we unhooked the computer to move it, and I just quit finding the time. 

Here are some pictures from November though.  And I am not going to forget to post Ethan's birthday post, just waiting on a few other pictures.  Not to mention I still haven't posted Simon's birth story yet.

My house is back together.  I can't wait to post all the pictures of that journey. Willy finished the floors at 4:00am the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  He worked super hard, and I am so grateful!

I have to admit that I am still trying to find my groove around here.  Having a third child in the house definitely stirs it up a bit.  Some days I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water.  Then there are others like today when I feel a little more together.  I've been told this will all pass soon.  And am I ever looking forward to that.  Darn that Type A personality of mine.

On to some pictures

Our first picture of a true smile!  Such a cutie!  He just melts my heart.

The birthday boy.  He was the most excited this year about his birthday!
Hunting with Daddy

Chilling on the couch together.

Taken mid-sneeae.  Simon has the most vocal sneezes.

Watching some tv.  Almost asleep.

He always spits out the pacifier as he's falling asleep.

One of the most priceless pictures I'll ever take.

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