Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Fun Weekend

The boys and I took a weekend trip back home last weekend.  It had been over seven months since we'd been up there last.  Erika was in with her family from North Dakota, and the kids have been ding-donging to travel up there.  Willy stayed home so he could use the opportunity to work on our living room floor.
We really had a great time!  We stopped by my mom's on the way in to Washington so the boys could say hi and I could feed Simon.  He woke up about 10 miles out and was not having it anymore.  I walked in and Emily came over to me and raised her arms so I could pick her up.  Miss that lil girl so much!  She just hugged me, even though I am sure she had little idea who I was.  She just "knows" I guess.
We then headed to my dad's.  The big boys headed to bed pretty quick, as they were complaining of being tired.  I stayed up for awhile and visited with my dad some.  It was midnight before I headed o bed, and that is quite late for me these days.
On Saturday morning we woke up, I fed Simon, then we headed back to my mom's.  My grandma was coming up to visit, and mom was making breakfast for us all.  The boys opened their remote control cars from her and Gary.  All four of us girls were together for the day.  The visit with grandma was wonderful!  And Simon never lacked for attention.  
My grandma and Simon
Aunt Boo loving on Simon.  This was the first time she'd been able to hold him. And lil Miss Emmy was not a fan of it.

Emily and I.  And Penny the Pig.  She loves her Scentsy animal.  
I miss my family.  My sister has grown up so much since moving away, and she is becoming an amazing mom!  I love her and can't wait to see her and her family when they come back down.
From mom's we headed back to my dad's to nap.  Then out to eat with Michelle and her family.  We then hung out at their house til Midnight! It  is so crazy how fast time flies when your having a great time.  Simon slept most the time in his travel bed in her room.  And we just sat around and talked while the kids played.  I truly love how much our kids love each other.  They are family!
We spent Sunday hanging out at my dad's.  I was exhausted and not looking forward to the drive home.  We honestly just chilled out.  It was bitter cold outside, and the boys seemed okay staying in.  I hate that I didn't get any pictures of dad and the boys together.  Will be on top of that next time. 
It was a really nice trip.  Just alot stuffed into less than 48 hours.  It wore me out quite a bit.  And next time we will definitely be up for an extra day or two.  

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