Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Fun

It's been a long week...very long.  Colton came down with the flu (the FLU) on Friday, and today is her first day back at school.  The poor kiddo has had it rough.  I am sure he has lost a good 5-7 lbs along with feeling cruddy.  And he didn't have any extra to lose.
Today is also Ethan's kindergarten screening.  I am actually writing this as we are waiting for his Parents as Teachers educator to arrive.  I just want to say I'm still not ready for him to go to Kindergarten.
Simon is just growing every day! Can't wait to post 4 month pictures and info.  The baby melts my heart daily.
It is cold outside, and we are running out of things to do.  But I thought I would post some pictures from a few weeks ago when it snowed a little.  The boys had a great time!
Snowball mid-throw at Daddy
Ethan making a snowball for the snowman.  This is the first year he was really enjoying the snow.
Colton being the big brother he loves to be!  Honery
I have to say their ages are really great for snow days.  They are both old enough to put on their own snow suits and bundle up for the most part.  And they can stay out there for quite a bit longer.

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