Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How About....

A photo dump??  The sun is shining and I haven't shared pictures of the boys in some time.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have a 7 month post up of Simon.  (maybe)  School is out for Colton next week and that means time will magically re-appear!  This summer is going to be so much fun!!

 Not sure if I showed this one, so here it is again.  Love how his blue eyes sparkle!
 This is the pout look he gets on his face when he's about to get really upset.  We don't see it very often.
 This is an every diaper change activity if he doesn't have a toy to play with.
 Love love love this picture!
 Happy Birthday to Colton!
 Ethan in the spring program at Ridgekids. It was really cute this year!
 Simon meet Goat.  Goat meet Simon.
Colton pumped about his skateboard.

 At the zoo with the Davenports!

 Having fun!!
 When did Ethan get so big?
 I see this expression several times a day.  This boy truly loves life.

 Simon's first train ride at SDC
 Simon checking out the giraffe, just before it tried to lick him.
 His smile always brightens my day.
 Happy Easter!
 Those baby blues
 A typical picture of the three boys.  Simon is always watching them act goofy.
 Pretty sure Simon knew those gummys were food.

 The big boys on the run.  ALWAYS!
 Taken in January.  One of the only pictures I have of him in this hat.
 Be still my heart.
 Cutting the boys' hair an hour before Grandma called to say that she was going to keep them overnight that weekend.  Should have waited. 
 They really are best friends.
Simon learned to blow raspberries this night.  And he spent a good 20 minutes blowing them on Colton's shoulder.  I have a video, but can't get it to load.

Until next time.....


  1. I love seeing all the photos and can't believe how fast Simon has grown!

  2. What wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing -- it seems the boys are going up so fast!


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