Monday, October 21, 2013

Silver Dollar City, Cub Scout Camping, Simon

Oh my word, are we busy!  I love this time of year, October through December.  All the fall and holiday stuff going on.  We are having so much fun this year.  There are a ton of pictures here, and I will try and keep my ramblings to a minimum so it doesn't take forever to get through.  I combined three posts knowing that I am behind and may not have another chance for a few days. 
Here goes:
The boys had a random day off school last Wednesday.  The weather was perfect so we decided to head to Silver Dollar City.  The idea was to let them ride all the rides they can while there were no lines.  There were nearly NO lines.  I think the longest the boys waited was two runs before riding the smaller barn swing.  They thought it was the coolest thing to be able to ride multiple times over and over.
We also let Simon ride a couple things.  The boy will be another thrill seeker just like Colton. 


 He just looks so big here!
 Concentrating super hard.
Willy's self portrait

 This was run two or three for the boys.  Ethan loves it, and Colton tags along like a great big brother.

 Simon LOVED this ride!  I was a little nervous about him being in front of me, but he rocked it!
This weekend was also the Cub Scout Pack family fall campout.  We wussed out Friday night with the forecast of rain and 36 degree weather.  I am soooo very glad we did.  I heard it was miserable, and our close friends' tent leaked.  Kind of wish we would have been there to let them join us and be dryer though. 
We headed up Saturday morning.  As soon as we arrived, Colton started building a bird house and Willy worked on setting up camp.  It was cold, folks!  We all (minus Willy) were dressed in layers, many with a coat, hat, and gloves.  But we had so much fun!  

 Looking all big in his shirt.

Learning whittling technique on soap.

Warming up by the fire
The Harts are also part of our scout pack.  Having them there really made the weekend!  We had tons of time between meals and activities to hang out at camp.  Kristan and I hung by the fire while the dads chopped wood and the boys carried it back to camp.  The boys played and ran so much the entire weekend.  

These two boys really bonded this weekend.  They've grown up together, but this weekend really just brought them so much closer.

That green Frisbee in the previous picture, it spent quite a bit of time in the trees.

Our two cub scouts

 Toys guns (bazookas) made out of fire wood. 
 The pack had a flag retiring ceremony.  This was such an honor to be at and to be a part of.

 No camping trip is complete without the s'mores.

We had such an amazing time camping.  I honestly can't wait until spring when we do it again.  I am so thankful we are part of cub scouts and a pack that is so active.  The memories we are making are priceless!
Last night was some down time for all of us.  We arrived home around 11:30, we showered, watched some football, then all napped.  After dinner we chilled out some and headed to bed on time. 
Simon and Willy and were playing in the playroom. Simon found Lucas' monkey and climbed into the Cozy Coupe with it.  There are no words to describe the emotions that fill my heart when Simon interacts with his brothers' monkeys.
Be still my fragile heart.
Also, there was a picture taken last week at SDC of Simon that really reminded me of Ethan. Check it out.  Three of the Four below are Ethan.

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  1. :-) We so enjoyed our weekend with you!


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