Thursday, October 3, 2013

Truly Best Friends

I tried and tried to find a few of the pictures I have taken to prove this post, but they are no where to be found. So no pictures today, just a bunch of my words.

We were often teased when I was pregnant with Ethan about having two kids under two.  Many said I would go crazy trying to keep up with the both of them and that it would be hard.  I knew though, that their close age would also mean that they would be close to each other.  And they are.  These two boys are the best of friends.  Yes, they annoy each other, pick on each other, and set each other up once in awhile for trouble, but that is just being brothers. 

It is often that I find them on the couch together, watching tv, all tangled up in each others arms and legs.  Just chilling there. It's wild.  They find themselves bored when the other isn't around.  And since they've started school in the same school, they've only dived deeper into their own world.  Many days I'll hear the two of them having their own conversation in the back of the van or behind us as we walk home from school.  They talk about things I know little about, and then sometimes argue about the very same things.  But I LOVE it all!

I love that they have each other, and that they always will.  I try to emphasize to them when they are angry with one another how important they are to each other.  And we really try to help them be individuals also.  We try to find different activities for them to do, and we concentrate some on their different interests.  Colton loves Ninja Turtles and Ethan is crazy about trains.  And we encourage them both to spend some time doing what they love, playing with what they love.  And often they end up combining their two loves and playing together.

I guess the reason I am sharing this is because they have really grown closer the past couple of months.  I wanted to share how awesome it is.  I have several friends right now who just had or are expecting their second baby in a two(ish) year time span.  And I want them to know that it might be difficult and chaotic in the beginning, but after the first two years or so, it is so much fun. 

And I found a picture!

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