Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day With Ethan

Last Friday was Ethan and mine's day out.  The library here was having a special afternoon at a train museum in town.  Ethan lives for trains.  His world revolves around trains.  This museum is actually a retired train with an engine, revamped cargo car, double decker passenger car, and a caboose.  They have so much in there, we could have spent all afternoon.  
Ethan goes almost as much as Simon, but when it comes to trains, we can sit and talk all day.  He wanted to know what every piece of memorabilia was.

He loved this engine!

I can't wait to show him this picture 20 years from now when he is driving his train.

This is probably his happiest place on earth.

We went through the train once, did a craft, and went through a second time.  There were things he missed the first time that he was excited to see the second time.  I really enjoyed spending the time with him and sharing his passion.  He's growing up fast, and does well as the "middle child".  Though I guess that will be changing in 22 or so weeks.   He is so full of passion and spunk.  And he's learning where he fits in in the world.  But he knows how he feels about things, and there is nothing or no one that can change his mind. I love that about him, and I can't wait to see how far it gets him.

We hit up El Charro for lunch afterwards. He is my Mexican food buddy.  We could probably both eat here every day.
I'm not sure what I'll plan next with the big boys, but I love spending the time with them individually.  This time is short, and passing far too quickly at times.  Summer is cut short this year, and I am wanting to make sure we make lots of memories.  

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