Monday, June 9, 2014

Night Out With Colton

A few weeks ago, before school ended, Colton asked if we could have a night out together.  Just him and I.  We spend the ride to across town to gymnastics and back the two of us each week, which is always full of enlightening conversation, but he wanted an entire evening.  Dinner and activity.  I was immediately game for it.  I told him once school let out we would set a date and go.

Last Thursday was our night out.  All day he watched the clock waiting for 5:30 arrive, knowing that was when we would be able to head out. I let the big boys go swimming in the afternoon.  When they came in, Colton came down from their room dressed in a nice button down shirt and nice shorts.  He grinned at me and told me that he wanted to look nice for me for the evening.  Love that boy!

I love eight.  I am so enjoying the time with him.  We have these amazing conversations where he asks true questions and we work together to find the answer if I don't know it.  He wants details, but not just with a "Why", but is very specific.  He is turning into a little man now.  I enjoy hanging out with him, and I know that we both leave the moment better.

We had dinner at Cheddar's.  He chose to eat on the patio, since the weather was perfect for it.  We don't often take the boys out to eat anymore to restaurants.  Between Simon's allergies and the cost to feed FIVE, I'd just much rather cook and eat at home.  We had plenty of time to talk.  Most of the conversation revolved around the ants crawling up and down the brick pillar next to the table.  Did you know that ants take around 250, one minute naps a day?  I didn't either.  We talked some about school and moving to a new home and school next year. 
My handsome first born.  He loves the thumbs up thing. I just really love this kid!
Afterwards we headed out to play some miniature golf.  There's a place here in town where it's $3.75 total for him and I to play!  We haven't played together in almost four years or so.  Just never make the time.  
It looks like he missed the ball, but he had just hit it.

Just before his Hole-In-One.
We had a great time talking and hanging out.  He had so much fun, even when it took five or so shots for the ball to find the hole.  We laughed a ton.  And the only time I used my phone was to take pictures. 
We then headed to Sonic for shakes for the family, minus Simon who was in bed.  The evening was perfect.  I really hope to do something like this with each of the big boys once a month.  They are both at such a fun age, and with school out I really want to reconnect with the both of them, separately.  This Friday Ethan and I are headed to the train museum and Mexican food for lunch.  

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