Monday, April 12, 2010


Caleb is the twin in the 1st picture and Lucas is the twin in the 2nd picture. Yes, I am going to be the proud mommy to FOUR boys! It's amazing how incredible that sounds, and how much I am loving the sound of it. We are truly excited for the adventures that are ahead of us. The boys were quite active during our ultrasound and were kicking each other in the head. My husband, whom I love so much said, "I hope they don't stay like that the entire time, they really won't get a chance to socialize with each other much."
I don't think the older boys think too much over the twins being boys. And a lot of the responses I received was laughing. Everyone knows how we were really hoping for girls. But since my fall last week, it really made me realize that I really only want healthy babies and a good pregnancy.
I've also been having sharp pain in my left side and upper belly region. When I talked to my dr about it yesterday, she reassured me it was just round ligament pain. She commented once again that since this is my third pregnancy I am going to be more uncomfortable and since I am carrying twins, it's even going to be more uncomfortable. Great!!!
I now need to go throught what boy clothes I have kept to see what we are going to need before the Mother of Multiples Sale. Last spring we were pretty sure we were going to wait 4 or 5 years before adding to our family so I sold a bunch of their clothes. A few months later we changed our minds. Oops! And we never would have thought we would be having two little boys at the same time. At least I kept socks and onesies. hehe
And for those who are wondering....we are not planning on having any more children to try for a little girl. We feel very blessed with the boys we have/are having and 4 children are plenty for us.

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