Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I know, I's been like two weeks since I've written here. Lucas and Caleb's birthday actually. I tried writing one day last week, but it just wouldn't post.
My plan was to post the pictures from their birthday as the very next post. Well, we are having some technical difficulties with that, so they will come, I promise. Their birthday was everything I wanted it to be and more. We have some absolutely amazing people in our lives, and are so very grateful!! THANK YOU!!!!
The boys and I were gone last week to Ohio to visit my grandma and a close friend. It was a good trip, yet tiring. We are still catching up and getting into the swing of things. I will also post pics from the trip, there are so many!!!!!
We are really doing great around here! I feel like a hundred pounds have been lifted off my shoulders and that I can fully breathe again. I have been able to integrate Lucas and Caleb into our family's life in a different, more comfortable way. That is another post to be written soon. Just know that things are different for each of us in the family now that a year has passed.
Well, I hope to get things worked out soon with pictures. I have access to the trip pictures, just not their birthday pictures. I also have found some pictures my dad took of Lucas and Caleb that I had NO IDEA existed. He thought I had them. The feeling I felt when I came across them last week is indescribable. Pictures I wish I had had, but didn't, and now do. I will add them to the tab up top sometime this week. Be looking for them.
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  1. I can't wait to see pictures from Caleb and Lucas's birthday! I am so happy to hear that the day was everything you hoped for. I have been thinking about you and your boys a lot. How neat that your dad had pictures of Caleb and Lucas that you hadn't seen. That must have been a wonderful surprise. Glad that your trip went well too! You have been busy! :-)
    Sending you love!

  2. I am still so happy and excited about the new pictures of Caleb and Lucas. I can't wait to see them! The timing of discovering them was amazing too. A gift from them, perhaps?

    I'm so glad that their birthday was everything that you hoped for.


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