Saturday, June 18, 2011

To Daddy on Father's Day

This is a day early, but since we are spending tomorrow at White Water, I thought I would share this today.  Last year for Father's Day Willy spent most the day in bed and I spent alot of that time hating the world for taking my boys.  Not only for the hurt I was feeling, but the hurt Willy was feeling.  I still have some anger about him having to go through this also.  It still breaks my heart, especially as tomorrow approaches.  I found this poem last year and it sparked a change in me.  It was Father's Day last year when I discovered the Babyloss community.  And I can never fully express my gratitude to the community.

To Daddy on Father's Day

Don't cry for me Daddy
We are right here
Although you can't see us
We see your tears

We visit you often
Go to work with you each day
And when it's time to close your eyes
On your pillow where we lay

We hold your hand and stroke your hair
And whisper in your ear
If you're sad today Daddy
Remember we are here

We are Daddy's little angel's
We will never be apart
For every time you think of us
Please know we're in your heart.

We love you Daddy!

Your baby angels

(author unknown)

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  1. I have to share this with my hubby for tomorrow. I don't know what to do for my husband on Father's day.... We both just miss our daughter so much.

  2. I hope that Father's Day isn't too hard for Willy. It must be hard to balance the joy of Colton and Ethan, and the joy and pain of Lucas and Caleb.


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