Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ethan's First Day of Preschool

Ethan started school on August 30th.  It's been a few weeks, but it's taken this long to really come to terms with it.  There are so many emotions going on around this whole new beginning.  And since this is supposed to be a happy post about him, I go in to details about it all another time, another post.

 All ready to head to school.  This boy couldn't have been more excited!!

 Eating our first day breakfast at McDonalds.  His choice, of course!

 Super duper excited pulling in to the parking lot!

 He did not want pause at all for pictures.

 Walking him up to the school.

 The hug that started a week long of tears.

 Giving Daddy a hug, too.

Jumping right in to playing with his new friends.  My Ethan didn't look back once he entered the classroom.  He walked in like he'd been doing it for the past two years, instead of Colton.  He knew where his folder went.  He did (and has) tried to eat his lunch right away.  And that is truly my Ethan.

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  2. I totally teared up looking at the pic of you hugging Ethan.. He is such a big boy!


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